Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. in the past two months i've bought several oldies in very good condition (and one that was mint) for much below current retail. some sellers definitely exaggerate the "mint" quality of the bags, but for the condition i've found, i've paid excellent prices on evilbay and bonanzle. (i also made a couple of bad purchases, but resold). i've also sold oldies for a bit less than i'd like, but not too bad. if you're good at pricing sales, and you have a good bag to sell, it's not too bad. what i have found is that bbags are more negotiable. won't go into details, but definitely try negotiating, even on fixed prices...:supacool:
  2. AHHHH...I see, thank you!
  3. i have no lukc with giant weekender....
  4. I LOVE the damask city bag! I have wanted that style for quite a while now and i saw it was over 2,000 on ebay! That is insane..... :sad:
  5. Hi, guys :smile:

    I'd like to ask what the re-sale price of a regular black first balenciaga that is well-used and purchased in 2004?

    I've found a bag on ebay that was authenticated by Ms. Jira and they were selling it for 10,000 php...roughly 200 USD.

  6. My random 2 cents - I don't mind using Ebay as a source for those good Bals... the problem that I've found is that while some of the mark-up is justified, I've seen some absolutely WRECKED bags being pawned off for mucho dinero. I'm not sure that some people are taking a fair assessment of their bag beyond the brand, year, leather type and color. I love Balenciaga and have a fair collection, but I'm not forking over 800 quid for a bag with denim transfer, a broken mirror, split and missing tassles, a suspicous stain on the bottom and faded areas that look like your Rhodesian Ridgeback chewed on it.
  7. I lost tons on the one and only bag I sold. It was in good condition (not mint but not abused either) I bought it for roughly £700 and sold about a year later for £300

    I really struggle with reselling, nobody seems to want to buy my stuff if it is priced a bit higher.
  8. I think Bal holds their value very well; but it's just a matter of timing of the seller meeting the buyer. If you are just selling your bag for 7 days, it's a very small window of time for a buyer who wants your bag to see it. The more professional eBayers just list the bag continually sometimes for more than several months before the bag gets sold, oftentimes at the price listed!

    I've sold other things too that get a high resale value, and sometimes it takes a few listing cycles to get sold. The converse is true - sometimes I've seen the same thing listed for awhile before it gets sold, sometimes for less, sometimes for the same price. If you're in a hurry for the money, you can always sell for alot less than you'd like.

    As proof that Bal has high resale cache, i've seen trashed Bal Twiggys sell for $500.
  9. After reading this thread, I checked out some ebay listings of GH bags. Many are sold for close to the original resale price if not higher. It seems like they hold their value really well. However, I don't think I will be selling on ebay when I need to let go of some of my bags. Wouldn't it be impossible for a new seller with 50- feedback to sell something $1000+? I think I will have to sell it locally through other sites for a few $100s less...

    For those who have sold their bags on ebay, how did you sell your first bag? I have been thinking about giving it a try for one year now, but I just don't see why anyone would buy any designer product from a new seller...
  10. One tip that I think you could help is to sell small things and build a reputation - in the long run, it pays. Eg. look around your place and see if you can sell items that you don't really use about $1-$20. Ebay only keeps a history of prices of items sold for up to a certain month. If you can sell 10 items a month, in 5, you would have sold 50 items (a little high but remember, its cheap items). In about 1 year, you would have gotten 50+ feedback items (hopefully positive) as a 'seller' - No one is going to know how much were the items cost.

  11. All it takes is someone who really wants the bag :smile:

    A low feedback seller wouldn't worry me as long as I felt confident that they know their stuff. The bag has to be super accurately described and the pics have to be detailed, in focus and showing all the elements that are needed for authentication. Everyone has to start somewhere so if everything is in order I tend to give new sellers the benefit of the doubt.
  12. Take that back - they do keep a price history (dang - that must have changed a while back). Sorry for the mis-info.
  13. I think if you had even 30-40 feedback remarks (don't forget as a buyer and seller are lumped in together) and pretty much positive, it will be no problem. Quite a few very legitimate sellers are just like you - just clearing out their closet of nice things they don't use. But ^^like silverfern said, a very accurate appraisal of the condition of the bag, clear pictures, and quick communication if need be, and you will be doing very well!

    Just a tip - as a seller, read the fees that Paypal and eBay charges you very carefully. as a beginning seller, the price for using their services cost a lot more than one might think. I calculated for a bag I was 14% of the selling price including shipping, when you added PP&eBay.
  14. i agree i have seen many bags go for way more than they are worth ( condition wise) i think ebay and bonanza is the best place to resell
  15. I find that being from Canada, I need to sell lower than if I was in the US just because the buyer market in the US is much bigger. And lots of US buyers just don't want to deal with Customs and Duty when purchasing outside the US. Therefore I need to adjust my selling price.