Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. Since the down-turn, people are not spending big $ on used bags anymore...I just desperately sold my smooshy Bubblegum (bestest leather ever) Weekender for $990 through a consignor. I won't be selling anymore for a looong time yet.
  2. I think there are some deals to be found, but since the only bags left I'm looking for are oldies - they're still selling for over retail. So no effect for me.
  3. On the same boat as you Beau! :sad:
  4. Does anyone have an opinion on what the worst year bags are? Just curious on what people think.
  5. Leather wise I meant to say. Worst leather years
  6. I don't think there is one as every color and year has a little different feel of leather etc. Some say it is 2006 but some of my favorite bags or from 2006 with great leather. Some say it was 2008 but my bags from 2008 are amazing. It is truly in the eye of the beholder. Color dye can make a bags leather one way or another so it is sometimes the color that tells the leather.
  7. 2005 is soft indeed, but all my friends are jealous of my delicious, chewy, super distressed F/W 07 Violet Twiggy, it gets ALL the attention!
  8. ^^^^^gotta say I LOVE the 07's!

  9. ITA, not many bargains on what I am looking for!
  10. I have noticed that even bags 05 and prior aren't selling for as much as they use to. I have seen quite a few 05 Black Cities going for retail, or just $100 over retail, which would have been rare a couple years ago.
  11. I personally haven't had much luck with 2006 bags - love the colours but I've had Lilac, Ink, Cognac, Black and Emerald and all had thin leather - veiny/marbled and very dry and papery feeling.

    I bought them online so never got the chance to see or feel the leather in person. The only one that had decent leather was Sapin and then I didn't love the colour - no luck at all!
  12. i found a damask courier (blk stripes) from ebay au.. and it was going for over 2000aus!! ridiculous.. as much as i wanted a damask courier its too much to pay for!!!
  13. I have a pralineGSH 09 and a black GGH 08.....The leather feels more substantial on the black 08, the 09 praline feels lighter, more paper ish. I wonder if it does have something to do with the color?
  14. Would anyone care to comment and I know it's about personal choice, but is the ggh more coveted than gsh? or the other way around? I'm just very curious what people have to say.
  15. ggh is more coveted because right now it's only produced for a limited quantity, and only available to official Balenciaga stores.