Balenciaga Re-Sale Value: Best and Worst, eBay Demand

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  1. The second I decide I don't want something I sell it. Before I change my mind 100 times.
  2. ^^ yep, ITA. usually i sell as soon as i decide i want to fund another bag, or right after i buy another bag.
  3. I am baffled......I have a holier than Holy Grail Bbag on the Bay and only ONE person has even sent me a question on it????? Are people just not buying bags right now or what? I mean a couple of months ago, this bag would have sold for $2500. Anyone else experiencing this???? Especially with all of the incentives, etc. I would think people would be all over it :confused1:
  4. maybe with all of the new colors, people are more into checking those out first. plus, i think the high price of some vintage bags gives people sticker shock. maybe wait until the frenzy over new bags dies down or lower your price or offer a BIN... JMO :yes:
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    ^^It is not just high prices, the low ones are not even getting any questions or interests either:crybaby:. Ebay has been slow.:cursing:
  6. Agree, it's slow!

    However a bag i sold a while back went for $680 after listing it a number of times, and the buyer is now selling it on fleabay (months later) and it's currently at $1500 where were those bidders when i was selling??? lol!
  7. :wtf::wtf:What?:wtf::wtf: I am sorry:sad:
  8. ^^^^That totally sucks!!!!!!
  9. ^^^ i know!! makes me feel slightly ill! It was a gorgeous bag, i really hated selling it too :crybaby:

    There are some stunning bags at the moment that i wish i could snap up, but i just don't have the money right now. It's sods law the bags you want always come up when you haven't got the money. Perhaps others are feeling the global pinch too?
  10. I also think there is sometimes a backlash against the high prices and it comes in swings and roundabouts, for example two or three months back there were FBF's selling to $2k but just before Christmas they were going for $800-$1000.
  11. Im experiencing hard time and my item is below retail w/ tag still attached!!!! I guess it might be the overall economy....
  12. ^^^ I LOVE your avatar Abowron! I am a total Chi girl too :P

    Yes, it stinks because I bought the bag when the "craze" was going on for this particular one for waaayyyyy over retail (like DOUBLE retail) and now there seems to be zero interest in it.

    *sigh* I guess I will have to wait and just strike when the proverbial iron is hot another time :confused1:
  13. Hmm... as a buyer, I think eBay right now is mostly a buyer's market. That is, I feel like I have a lot to choose from so I'm not that eager to bid. I want to get the best deal possible. Does that make sense?
  14. A lot of people took advantage of the promo so maybe everyone's broke now? ;)
  15. Horrible. Summer is almost always bad for ebay sales. It picks up again in October, Nov. dies around Christmas and really picks up in Jan.
    I guess people are in the house and bored more when the cold weather hits? I'm not really sure why but summers have always been a buyer's market, not a seller's.