Balenciaga RAOK Reveal Thread!!!!!

  1. C'mon, show us what you got! :nuts:
  2. My buddy got me a subscription to US Weekly!! Thank you buddy, can't wait to receive my first issue!
  3. ^Great first gift!! I will be shopping and sending out my buddies gift tomorrow xx
  4. aww that is so swweet!!!!! cant wait reveal my gift and have mine revealed as well!!
  5. I sent my buddy their gift yesterday. Hope you like it. I am now shopping for your next gift.
  6. I don't have a buddy ... I signed up. What do I do to get one? I am a great gift giver!
  7. ^^ aww Shasta, i think you missed the deadline. This one is for this month only then roak will start again. Be sure to sign up for the next one!
  8. I got a present from my buddy yesterday! It was a great surprise getting it so early - thank you! I was sent a Petit Bateau shirt, a perfume sample, and candy :graucho:

    I love the shirt; it fits perfectly, and my bf thinks it's very sexy :p And the Hugo Boss perfume was actually one of my favorites until my mom stole my bottle.

    Thank you buddy! :yahoo:
    present1.JPG shirt cropped.jpg
  9. wow that t-shirt is awesome. I love great white t-shirts!
  10. I forgot to sign up: but I'll be your buddy :heart:

  11. Love US Weekly. What a great gift:smile:

    I sent my buddy's fist gift out on Thursday, so hope she gets it soon:yes:
  12. maedchen, the Petit Bateau tee looks great on you!!!:yes:

    I sent my buddy her gift today....can't wait for her to get it!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Love your new shirt, too, Maedchen!:nuts: What a nice gift!:tender: Can't wait to get my gift, too! Have also sent a gift to my buddy!:heart:
  14. Yay I received my first gift!!!:yahoo:
    Thank you buddy! You are soo thoughtful!!

    I received everything in a Chanel bag, so excited because we dont have a Chanel where I live!

    My buddy got me a lovely grey scarf with herringbone creases in, I just wore it to the supermarket!:p
    A gorgeous pink Dior lipgloss :heart: My fave!!
    And some pretty pretty diamante drop earings, which are soo gorgeous I have got them in now!:tup:
    And to top it all off, my wonderful buddy got me 3 fan cards with Japanese art on:nuts:. I love anything to:nuts: do with Japan, ahh buddy thank you soo much your the best!!

    Heres the pics xx



    To my buddy I am sending gifts to, just dropped it off at the PO so you should be getting it within the next few days xx
  15. Maedchen, you look hot in your Petit Bateau t-shirt! I love it!!!! And your drawstring pants - who are they by?