Balenciaga/Rain question.

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  1. For the first time in a long time its pooring down in CA. right now. Does anyone know what happens if my Bbag gets wet?? Going out tonight for my hubbys B-day. Should I just keep it home:sad: ??
  2. I've gotten a few big droplets of water on mine awhile back from the rain. I took it out and it started to rain suddenly. The water darkens the leather but when it dries, the dark spots completely disappear and doesn't leave any stains. I still wouldn't knowingly take them out in the rain though, but that's just me :shame:
  3. I don't know how the leather withstands rain, but if you're only outdoors between the car and your destination you could simply tuck the bag under the side of your coat until you get inside. It's kind of silly, but I always do this to avoid getting special bags wet...
  4. I used my b-bag in heavy snow when in Europe over the holidays. I sprayed it with Apple Rain/Stain Guarde before use...don't know if it "helped" or not, but my bag was fine. After I returned home, I took it to my local shoe/handbag expert for some conditioning. It looks perfect; the leather is even softer than before. I used another b-bag in light rain in NYC last noticeable difference in leather...
  5. I had my balenciaga is the rain many many times. NOTHING HAPPENED TO IT. It had drops but it dried and went away.
  6. It's freezing in CA! Makes me sad :[
  7. i dunno... coz i don't drive... i got my bag wet so many times and being in rainy vancouver at the moment, it's not like i can help it.. -.- the leather started looking a bit rougher and 'faker'... but i used leather conditioner on it and it's all good now...! =)
  8. i live in seattle - soooo, as you can imagine my B-bag has seen it's fair share of rain....and i'll tell you... it's as good as the day i bought it!! it is black so maybe that helps but i once walked through a terential (sp?) downpour and the bag was fine!
  9. my paddington had the same frightful experience a few days ago. it was raining in london (it wasnt rain actually it was kind of snow/ice-ing ?? anyway ... i was running to get into "boots pharmacy" kensignton high street to get out of the rain when i noticed that my oaddy had BIG rain drops all over it!! the bag itself was fine .. the water just slid of it .. but the handles!!!!!!! they were soaked with these ugly drops of rain!! i just stood there looking at them with my mouth open like a complete idiot!!! the saleswoman at the christian dior makeup counter got me a tissue and as I was using it to dry the bag she laughed and said the tissue was for your tears! you seem like you are about to cry! dont worry it will dry off soon :smile: and yes she was right .. a few minutes later (and 2 tissues into my eyes and nose later) it was completely gone :smile: i had a clean paddy again :smile: .... needless to say it went back into its dustbag to rest in the closet for a few days after that shock .. poor thing :sad: it must have been a horrible experience for her :sad:
  10. I was out to dinner with my husband tonight and he knocked a glass of sparkling water all over my rouge Twiggy. The bag was soaked. I thought it was going to be ruined. I wiped it off as best I could with my napkin. after it dried you'd never know anything happened to it. It's just like new. Yippee!!!!
  11. yeah, the rain makes me sad :sad2:
  12. Thanks so much everyone! Well it was a success. My lilac bag survived the rain, no stains. Still looks great. All of your replies are much appriciated. Thanks again!
  13. OMG Kat-did you want to die:amazed: I took my brand new 2.55 reissue out to dinner with hubby sat night and was SO paranoid about everything. I didn't want to wait in the bar cause it was too smoky-can't have a 2K bag smelling of smoke!:smile: Then when we sat down for dinner I couldn't let my new baby sit on the floor! Since there wasn't an extra seat I kept it in my lap! A lot of work and paranoia!:nuts:

  14. :amazed: thank goodness its ok! i SO would of died!

    i've taken my b-bag black city into the rain - its totally fine :amuse: nothing runs etc.... (hehe, i've got some students from Colorado here at the moment - they seem really nice.... CA is Colorado right???? :shame: )
  15. yeahh..i agreee...same thing happened to me too!!!
    i spilled some milk tea on my new indigo work bag!!!!
    sobbzzz..was so terrified but nothing happened to itt...
    so gLad!!!!!!!=)
    CA's weather is crazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
    it's soooooooooo cold in LA right nowww....hiiiiiiiiix...