Balenciaga question

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  1. I recently visited the Balenciaga store in NY and they had a wide array or motorcycle bags in various sizes and colors. I saw the black and noticed that the leather was a different one (more shiny, crinkly and waxy) from the black of past seasons. Which kind of leather do you ladies prefer? Do they still make the bag in the other kind of leather?
  2. They changed their leather to the new shiny, thin, crinkly kind around Fall 2005. I heard they're going back to the "old" leather the end of this year so I'm waiting on that one. I have the bordeaux first in the new shiny leather but is not that crinkly and nasty so I don't mind that. But I'm hoping for the old matte thicker leather to come back.

    Which one are you thinking of buying?
  3. I think the old leather is more classic and this new shiny one is more edgy. I spoke with the SA whose name is Sarah (she was featured in the NY Magazine a few months back... A SA of the week article of sorts) and she said that's all they made right now: distressed leather. I actually have it in black and it is crinkly and waxy but not as shiny as the others that I've seen. I do like how it looks slightly edgy but I would love to have the seafoam in the old matte leather. sigh...
  4. oh, wow... maybe then i will buy one. i like the old leather better, keep me posted please.:biggrin:
  5. I just bought a rouge day from Bal NY. I love the leather. That red is TDF!!!!
  6. I have a cornflower City, a rouge Twiggy, and a white Twiggy all with the new leather. I have nothing to compare them to. I do not own a bag with the "old" leather. I am very satisfied with the quality of the leather of my bags, but I will definitely check out the new bags with the "old" leather when they become available.
  7. There is also a fair degree of diversity in the new leather (even within colors).

    Some of the bags are more waxy than others...some of the bags are more faux "marbled", veiny than others, etc.

    My F05 black city is just the way I like it...somewhat soft, less faux distressed (or marbled, veiny, etc.), and a bit too shiny, but not too "waxy".

    I also look forward to checking out the F06 bags for comparison.
  8. Ooh... that sounds lovely. I want to get a day bag next but I haven't decided on the color!

    Greenie - is your cat wearing a wig?
  9. Agree SoCal ... saw EXACTLY this when at Barney's yesterday. As a general rule, I'm not too keen on the new leather, but some of the bags had better leather than others (strangely enough, this seemed more prevalent on the larger-sized bags!?!).

    I hadn't heard that Balenciaga was going back to the old leather manufacturer; I had heard the opposite (that they were sticking to the current manufacturer for cost reasons). Hmmm ...
  10. i saw some new bags totes yesterday that had buttery smooth leather. it was the one with the plate on the bottom right corner of the tote...
  11. I heard the same thing, CeeJay. I just bought 3 bags from BalNY so I thought I would ask my SA about future colors/leather. She said they've had the same manufacturer since they started making the motorcycle bags, and that there weren't any plans to change. But, that they always welcome customer comments.
  12. someone mentioned in an earlier thread that one of the considerations for changing the leather was to distinguish their bags from the fakes. It is much harder to fake the new leather. I have an ink and it is pretty veiny and I love it and get compliments all the time for the leather more than for the bag itself.
  13. Did they ever make a matte or distressed leather as opposed to the shiny? Is this what they are doing in the fall?
  14. LOL...yes and glasses too!
  15. There is a noir black and a nero black but I not sure what the difference is