balenciaga question

  1. What season did the Balenciaga Sellier come out? I have the sapphire color and love the simplicity of the design. Any info on this would help - Also is this a popular design?
  2. :nogood:I am sorry! I came here thinking I could help you, but I have never heard of the style. Do you mind sharing a picture? I will be checking back to see what info the other's can come up with for you.:yes:
  3. I'll try to take a pic tomm and post it as soon as I can. Thanks.
  4. I guess it's not popular ... I've never heard of it and Googling didn't help. Can you describe it in more detail? I looked up "sellier" and it means "saddle" in French. That makes me think of this this it? :

    (pic from eBay)
  5. Um..never it this one?

    (from the bag snob)
  6. yes - exactly like this except it is dark blue. I was drawn to how simple it was. I wasn't looking specifically for a Bbag at the time I got it but just liked it when I saw it. I am now curious when this bag came out - and judging by the popularity of the moto bags, I guess this one isn't popular at all. I do have to say it is very smooth and soft and I am in love with it- and although I am new to this forum, I can understand why a Bbag is a must have.