balenciaga question

  1. Any suggestions for clothes? I have a $500 or so credit at Balenciaga NY and no luck any time soon on any of the bags I'm interested in. Am 5'3 and 115 pounds. Thanks for any help! Pics would be helpful.
  2. Why not wait for the sales and get more for your money? I've not been terribly impressed with any Balenciaga clothes for the last couple of seasons.

    Couldn't you hold off and wait for the new season or put it towards a motorcycle bag?
  3. Maybe wait a little and then get an awesome pair of boots for Fall? :smile:
  4. they seem to have a backlog of 2006s no one will buy and are not getting new ones in in those colors until they sell. looking for basics.

    boots might be a good idea, could use a pair of walking boots. hope they're not all high heeled!
  5. $500 won't get you much (if anything at all) in terms of clothing. Better wait for sales (and even then, you would only be able to buy a reworked basic, like a t shirt or simple trousers) or just for the new season to start for accessories. Good luck!
  6. I wouldn't mind spending more on top of the $500 if it was something I really liked. Thinking leather jacket or boots.