balenciaga purse

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  1. where do u guys buy balenciaga bags? i checked neiman marcus, saks, barney's website but they all dont hab balenciaga bags....please let me know. thanx~
  2. Balenciaga does not allow their bags to be sold online. You can call Barneys or Aloha Rag or the Balenciaga boutique in NY and the SA's will be happy to help you find the bag you need. I've bought all three of my Bbags over the phone from the BalNY boutique.
  3. if possible i need pix of bbags...i have no idea what bbag looks like...i think city is the one thats most popular but other than that im not really sure...if you guys own couple bbags, can u post pix with name so ill hab idea wut bbags i will like? and thanx for helping~~~~ :smile:
  4. there is a thread called Photos of Your B-Bags in the main Balenciaga page..people posted pictures of their b-bags and what styles they were. it's a great resource to familiarize yourself with the styles and colors. check it out!

    ETA: Here is the Link: