Balenciaga "Purse" vs First

Jan 3, 2006
I have yet to see either on IRL so help me out here. I have a First coming to me in Sky Blue any day now. I am already thinking that I really love the "Purse" style and that may be best for my needs. How hard is it to find the Purse? Does anyone have it? If you own, do you like it? I mentioned this on another thread, but Aloha Rag only has the Purse in redish/orange and the emerald color. I also have yet to ever see one on Ebay.



Jan 18, 2006
I don't have pics but can tell you from seeing the bags IRL the First is much smaller than the City. IMO, the City is a great everyday bag, and even into casual evening, while the First would be great for night or when you don't need to carry a lot of stuff. I especially like the brighter more fun colors in the First!!! since the purse is similar to the city in terms of size, the comparison probably holds true for that bag as well. Check out Kat's post comparing the purse, to the city to the twiggy which can give you some point of reference.

Here is the thread:


Dec 13, 2005
Becca, I really like the Purse. If you prefer to wear a shoulder bag then the Purse will be perfect for you. If you like to carry a bag satchel style then the City is a great choice. The First like Jag said is quite small and IMO is more of an evening type of bag as opposed to an everday bag unless you carry very little around with you. FYI ... the City does come with a shoulder strap as does the Twiggy so if you really wanted to use them as shoulder bags you could, but IMO they look better carried as a satchel. If you are interested in the Purse you should check with Balenciaga in New York City. I think I saw some in Barney's at Americana Manhasset too.


Feb 23, 2006
there is a black purse below the red first on the second picture. there is also a the grey city there.

the purse is really similar in size to the city. just the bottom is not as structured and no shoulder strap.

hope this helps.