Balenciaga Purse- should i get a green one?

  1. I have a green Purse on hold, should i get it? I thought those are hard to find. true?
    Those of you who have them, can you tell me why you love it- better than City or not?
    Thanks so much:heart:
  2. i think you should just because i really want a green one !
  3. oh, yes, they are beautiful. What shade of green?
  4. I think the purse is a really great style and I'm sad they discontinued it! I think you should if it's a great green...which color green??
  5. Unfortunately none of the SA I talk to ever tell me the shade- it looks like a dark green- they just tell me "Blue, green, etc". I have them send me photos, but Neimans gals never tell the color.
    Is it odd that they have this style since it is discontinued? Should it be on sale?:yes:They are charging 1095.00
  6. It's probably sapin green. I think there have been a few of these floating around.
  7. Which NM? I saw a dark green one at the one in Bal Harbour in May. Although I love the purse, I have an ink bag and it was dark green so I didn't want a green/black color. It depends on if you love it or not. I love the style but will the color work with your wardrobe?
  8. Actually green is my favorite color, but i never had it in a handbag. My house decorations and my clothes have lots of pale greens, not emerald greens. i actually was wanting a first ,since I don't have one ,and then she told me about it.
  9. i bet it's the sapin...
    neiman's in sf had one for a long time, and i was kicking myself for not getting it...
    it's not as bright as emerald or vert gazon, it's more of a hunter or deep green...
    very pretty and can be used year round...

    i think the shape is very interesting, and you don't see them around as much as you do the city...
    it also holds as much as the city imo...
    everyone i've encountered on tpf that has a purse loves it, so i say go for it!
  10. If there is a return policy, I don't see the harm in getting it and seeing if you like it...if it's not for you, return it, no harm done, but if you love it, then all the better.
  11. I'd get it instead of the first because like kimair said it holds almost as much as the city & the first doesn't really have much room for things. I have a rouge theatre purse that I love. Balenciaga has stopped with styles often and then sometimes brings them back as it did with the purse once already.. believe it was called either the arena or shopper before???
  12. I would get it! When it comes, hold it up to your closet. I bet you'll love it!
  13. My favorite color is green too. I have a Vert Gazon work and totally love it!
  14. I never owned a purse but I think it is a very unique style. There are pictures comparing it to a city and size wise they are similar. As to whether or not you should get it?... well it really depends on the color. If you just want a purse Bbag then yeah go for it... but I think the color should play a crucial role in the decision making. Bbags are known for their beautifully colored leather ... so color is just as important as the style. Ask for them to email you a picture if possible.
  15. If you're getting it from NM, then it's definitely sapin. I asked once about their purse colors, and they only ordered truffle, bordeaux, and sapin for F/W 06 (the last season the purse was available).

    If you like the color, I'd say go for it! I love the purse - it's one of my favorite styles. They're really comfortable and easy to wear, plus, like people have said, they can hold a lot. Let us know what you decide!