Balenciaga "Purse" question

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  1. Since discovering this forum by accident almost a week ago, I have been an obsessed lurker!!!This site is awesome!! I have learned so much! Does anyone own a balenciaga purse? I saw a photo in another thread and really liked it. My concern is that it is too flat. I'm considering either the purse or the city......I'm sure I'll eventually end up with both!! What do you guys think?
  2. I have a City and two Twiggys. I was contemplating getting the Purse when I saw a pic of it in another thread. However, I never was able to see one in person, and someone on this forum told me it is kind of flat. I decided on the second Twiggy. I've posted pics of my City and first Twiggy in my handbag collection. The second Twiggy will be posted shortly. Sorry I couldn't give me more info on the Purse.
  3. I don't own a purse and also nearly purchased one but I've seen quite a few pictures of them and heard testimonials on it. It does look flat because it doesn't have a gusset.. it's just the back and front panels sewn together at the sides but I've seen it filled up and the sides expand a bit. It's also a tad larger than the city, maybe about an inch wider and taller. Since it seems like the sides can expand a bit when filled, I don't think space would be that much of an issue but I'd leave it up to someone who actually has one to give you the final verdict. Just my 2 cents since I was seriously considering one and had looked up as much info I could on it at the time. :amuse:
  4. I own two cities and absolutely adore them! I think the thing about B-bags is that you can never have just one.

    I live in San Diego and I just don't know how to describe the trends here. People follow the trends, but a lot of it is just hooey! So, people are not as aware of really great bags, etc... (not to mention the numerous horrendous LV fakes)... but every time the B-bag, someone notices and comments and typically, they have no idea who/what Balenciaga is.
  5. I just managed to get my hands on an old eggplant purse, but it now belongs to someone else. Here are pictures you can oggle. In my opinion, the purse fits just as much as the city does, except if you put a bottle of water in your bag- it'll bump out. It's an interesting style though, and it's very easy to carry on your shoulder- if you're looking for that.

    Here's a pretty good deal going on ebay.
  6. I tried on the purse, but decided against it. I think those that like the first may like the purse better than those that prefer the city. The purse has slightly rounded corners (like the first) and is quite flat.
  7. has anyone seen the red b bag christina aguilara has been carrying lately? is it the purse style?
    sorry i cant find a pic
  8. I believe someone posted a pic of her with that Purse in another thread awhile ago. It was gorgeous!!!! :love:
  9. I have a City in 04" Lilac, and a First in apple green. I really love B-bags. Once you start its never over. There are so many wonderful, yummy colors to choose from! Have fun and good luck.
  10. Yes, that it the purse.
  11. mlert...that eggplant is sooooo gorgeous :love::love: