Balenciaga "Purse" Bag Questions


Jan 15, 2006
I have a Balenciaga in black. I believe it's the City Classique in medium (the larger size compared to the small one). I got it at a Christmas gift this past christmas and it hasn't left my side ever since I got it.


Recently I saw photos of Christina Aguilera carrying a red Balenciaga bag. It's obviously not the same one I have. And if I read everyone's past few entries the style is "the purse".

My question is this. I can't carry the Classique over my shoulder as a shoulder bag (like I see Nicole Ritchie or anyone else doing it - mainly because I'm short and tubby.) But the "purse" looks as if the bag handle drop is bigger. Is it meant to be a shoulder bag or is it the same sized handle as a Classique?

Thanks to anyone who can help!
Yep, that is the Purse and it is a shoulder bag.

The purse is getting a lot of attention right now, there seems to be lots of people looking for one.

Hope you get yours. :biggrin:
chubbybadass, the bag that Christina Aguilera is most frequently photographed with is indeed the purse.

The handles on the purse are longer than the handles on your black city bag. The shoulder strap on the city is longer than the handles on the purse though. The "Classique" is actually the smaller bag, which is also referred to as the "First".

I am 5'7" and thin, and the top of the purse sits higher on me than it would on any other normal purse. I think the purse looks best with a form fitting coat or no coat at all. Unfortunately no coat at all is not an option in NYC at this time of year. Since the handles aren't overly long, you can also wear the bag in the crook of your arm. If I want to reach into my bag I have to drop it into the crook of my arm because there just isn't enough space between my armpit and the top of the bag to comfortably reach into it while it is still on my shoulder.

Even though the dimensions on the purse are slightly bigger than those on the city (length-wide and width-wise), the purse holds a lot less than the city does. The purse is quite flat, so you can't fit too much into it without making it look bulky. The purse is really a larger version of the first. The opening of the bag is also much smaller than it is on the city because the top sides are slightly tapered. As a result the zipper does not extend all the way across the top of the bag. I find it much easier to stuff my New York Times into a city than into a purse. Hope this helps.

Edited to add: I agree with SoCal. When I first saw the purse in person I was expecting it to be much bigger. It was a lot shorter and narrower than I had pictured it to be. If you are looking for a great every day bag though, I don't think the purse is nearly as functional as the city is. I like the purse because it is a little dressier and more formal looking than the city; to my eye it is more structured. And I am willing to give up a little functionality as a trade-off.