Balenciaga "purse" bag question

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  1. Does anyone own this style Balenciaga? I have a City bag and a Twiggy. I never hear much about the purse style. I have another Twiggy on hold, but now I think I'd like to have the purse instead. Can anyone give me any feedback on this style bag? It looks like it is worn over the shoulder. Here is a pic of one I found for those of you who are not familiar with this Balenciaga.
  2. It is very cute. According to ateliernaff.blogspot it is 16"x11"x2".

    It doesn't look that big though.
  3. is it the work bag?
  4. No, this is actually another style. It doesn't have the shoulder strap and I think it only has one zipper that closes it instead of the two that meet on the City bag. I saw a pic of it on another thread in a red color. I think it is a shoulder bag. I really like it!
  5. Kat, where's the picture of the "purse"? I don't see one. I know Cristina Aguerilla has the rouge purse.
  6. I posted a pic of it in a tannish color in this thread. You can't see it? Do you remember what thread the pic of Cristina's was in?
  7. Still can't see it for some reason. It's ok, I know what the "purse" looks like. ;)
  8. I tried the bag at Barneys BH. I like both the twiggy and the city, but did not care for the purse. As a shoulder bag, I like the day/hobo better. The purse is quite "flat". It seems just slightly bigger than the first. It does not have the feel or aesthetic of the city to me.
  9. yeah, is this measurement off? I thought it was smaller.

  10. I can't recall the dimensions off hand...but it seemed much smaller that I expected it to feel... The 2" sounds about right in terms of depth...
  11. I think Ceejay had said that it was taller in height, but shorter in width than the city? Anyways, for sure, she said the straps were longer and comfy for the shoulder style wear. Kat, I think this style would be a good choice...its certainly cute!
  12. Thanks for the info SoyBean and SoCal. I appreciate it. I'm going to see if the NM by me has one that I can look at. I'll post pics of the one I actually get! Thanks again!