Balenciaga Purple Sunglasses

  1. So I was looking through the November Vogue and came across a Balenciaga ad and this girl had Bal sunglasses on. So I went online to see what the deal is and apperently they're like there 1970 glasses.... but I went on the Balenciaga website and they have them under the sunglasses... maybe they're being brought back but I thought maybe someone would know what the deal is with these sunglasses? Are they totally vintage (no new production of them) or if they could they'd even be able to be located at a Balenciaga store (which i don't know how I'd explain it to them).. or a price? Its making me nuts! LOL

    Here is a link to what they look like:
  2. I guess they come in a bunch of other colors...
  3. WOW!!! AMAZING!! :drool::drool:
  4. they are back in production, i quite like them! i love that they look a bit upside-downy, but the lenses are a bit pale for my liking..
  5. They look like the kind of sunglasses Nicole Richie would wear...
  6. So has anyone seen them!? How would I got about getting them... call the boutique in New York and have it shipped? Do they do that? TIA!
  7. they've been around for ages actually, i've tried them on lots of times but they're a bit expensive so i'm waiting for the right vintage pair to show up..
  8. Do they look totally ridicoulus?! Or do they look cute on?

    I think I'm going to call Balenciaga in NY tomorrow and maybe see if I can find a pair... Do they do charge/sends and accept returns?? <--- I'm not familiar with Bal's whole operation lol

  9. they do look cute on, and they aren't *that* obscene i guess (£195 if i remember correctly) but because the lenses are pretty light coloured i wouldn't want to spend that if i couldn't wear them for the whole summer.

    i've never ordered from BALNY but they definitely do charge sends. their returns policy for bags at least is rather bizarre but i'm not sure if it applies to everything. i'd ask on the phone just to make sure!
  10. thanks so much annanas!!!! I read that the return policy is on exchanges and 10 days from getting the product :shrugs: so I hope its no the case for the glasses but like you said that they look cute on.. I wouldn't see a reason to return them :smile: