Balenciaga Pronounciation

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  1. Uh oh, I think I just butchered the pronounciation when I called Saks. How do you say "Balenciaga"? Thanks!
  2. Don't worry, even if you pronounce it right, they often don't know what you're talking about. ;)

  4. So I was right. Thanks! The guy on the phone at Saks said "Balencia" like Valencia orange juice but with a B. I just assumed that I was wrong.
  5. When people ask me what kind of purse I have and I tell them 99% of the time they're like: what?!

    I must say it funny too though. I am spanish and I have a hard time saying spanish names with an english accent KWIM?. So I end up with some sort of weird accent that must be a mix of spanish-english pronunciation. :sad:
  6. I say BalenSEEaga too because I assumed it's basically a french house and that's how the french would say it, right? I mean, in italian it would be BalenCHAga. But Cristobal Balenciaga was spanish, I thought? hmmm
  7. I heard someone said bah-LON-see-ga

    Since the guy is Spanish, in Spanich would be bah-lehn-THIA-ga

    But anyway, I said bah-lehn-see-AH-ga too :biggrin: LOL
  8. wow.. interesting pronunciations here. I agree with most here. .

  9. Me too also pronounce it as "bah-len-see-ah-ga"

    Anyway, as long they know that we are referring to balenciaga, that will do. Even though people may pronounce it differently depending on different accents and locations.
  10. Oh my gosh, that has made me laugh all morning! :roflmfao:
  11. :lol:Funny thread
    I just say Balenciaga like Valencia with a B but not how the spanish say the 'c' but how it's in french, like 's'.
    And not with the 'h' after the vowels, no hot patatoe in the mouth;)
  12. I've heard it lots of ways. The most prevalent and the way Bal NYC pronounces it - buh-LEN-see-ah-ga and also have heard a lot of the socialites and wannabes around the office here say buh-LAHN-see-ah-ga. I think it can go either way and most people would either know right away what they were trying to say anyway, or just not have any idea at all!
  13. my friend who buys lots of designer items and is extremely rich (not sure if that means anything lol) pronounces it "bal len chi a ga"
  14. ^^^ I was in Italy last month and that's how pronounced it :smile: