Balenciaga pricing in Korea?

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  1. I'm going to Seoul at the end of March, and wanted to know if you gals knew anything about Balenciaga pricing. I did some searches, but nothing came up.
    Other subforums (Chanel, LV) seem to say that the prices aren't even that much cheaper... around US Retail price, but no US tax. Is this the case for Balenciaga?

    Also, do the SAs at the boutiques by any chance speak English (or Japanese)??
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    Pretty much everything is more expensive in Korea. Giant part-times are around 2,900,000 Korean Won (tax included), which is about $2500 USD with current exchange rate. You MIGHT get somewhat better deal at duty free shops, but I'm pretty sure their prices are still higher than US retail prices. Chanel medium classic caviar bag used to be about 4,000,000 KRW with tax, that is about $3500, but as far as I know, Chanel recently raised their price.

    There should be English or Japanese speaking SAs. Not sure though.

    I don't know about retail prices in Japan.

    Have a nice trip! :smile: