Balenciaga prices going up?

  1. Hey, I'm in Europe so I don't know about other countries but I went shopping today (btw I bought two B Bags:amuse: an Ink Hobo and the Magenta Weekender
    -->They had it still in stock:heart: ) and the SA's told me Balenciaga bags are becoming more expensive next season :hrmm: Maybe I'm behind or something but did you guys know this?
  2. had no idea this was going to happen, but i'm sort of expecting it sooner than later since balenciaga hasn't raised their prices in a couple of years... i think.
  3. yikes, i really hope they're not going up in price :sad: ...i should call my salegirl @ the nyc store & ask her!!!
  4. Well I would think if this were true, my pre-orders would have been more expensive, but they were the same prices.