Balenciaga Pouch HELP!

  1. Hi Everyone! :biggrin: I'm not too familiar with Balenciaga but i am getting to know it a lot better, well I'm going to Paris for two weeks starting at the end of June and of course I want to go to Balenciaga, I already found an item i would love to have but want some information on it first. So please help!! THANKS:lol:

    That is the item I'm interested in..
    I was wondering exactly what it is.. I basically was thinking of using it to carry my ipod, cell phone or money, it seems like a small pouch so im guessing that's what it is.. I would love to know the exact name of it and the colors it comes in and how much it is.. hopefully you can help, thanks:biggrin:
  2. I think this particular coin purse is going to be too small for even your basics. It really is only for coins. They have a coin purse that is a bit larger that is still available at Balenciaga NYC in several colors. It retails for $285. What may be even better for you is the makeup clutch - it is also available in several colors at Bal NYC and retails for $495. Hope this helps :smile: