Balenciaga Poll


Would You Pay Over Retail for a Balenciaga?

  1. Only if it is my Holy Grail Bag or Discontinued Color/Style

  2. Yes

  3. No

  4. No, but maybe close to retail.

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  1. I'm doing a research paper on both Balenciaga and Hermes for my Marketing course.

    I have an easy survey question for all the Balenciaga lovers:

    Would you pay over retail for a Balenciaga?

    Thank you in advance for your help!
  2. Yes, only if it was an HG of mine or a limited edition.
  3. Yes, for a holy grail or a discontinued bag that is high in demand/is in v good condition.
    Good luck with your paper, Liz!
  4. i voted for yes, if it's my HG or discontinued color/style, although i think they both deserved their own category. i don't have an HG, unless you count every s/s 05 bag! i've paid way over retail for bags in mint and in not so great condition as well - anything for an older bag in a color i love!!:p
  5. definitely yes, if it were something I wanted badly.
  6. I said NO..not even for my Holy Grail.
  7. YES, If it is no longer available in stores
  8. My answer is very relative to dispensable income. If I had play money to burn and I loved a bag, I'd spend over if it was one that I'd been searching for.
    As I stand!
  9. i said no, but close to retail because:
    1. i can't afford to
    2. At SOME point, if you are patient, the bag you want will pop up SOMEWHERE at or below retail. depends if you can wait i suppose!
    3. in my experience, you can't really "wear out" a bbag, so i'd pay retail for a used one that was my HG.
  10. Sigh....

    I did a poll similar to this last year.

    And back then I said NO WAY would I pay over retail for any bag.

    Sadly I answered Yes for my Holy Grail this time around :shame:
  11. I almost paid $200 over retail for what I thought was my HG. It turned out not to be, but I still gawk when I think back...Would probably still do it....LOL
  12. I would pay a little bit over retail (up to $200 or so) for my Holy Grail or a discontinued bag that I really wanted. I don't have anything that qualifies as that sort of bag at the moment, and I definitely wouldn't pay a large amount over retail. I also wouldn't do it for one that's current but hard to find, since I do think those will turn up somewhere.
  13. Yes!! Especially for all FB 01 - 02
  14. I definitely would pay over retail for a metallic, especially a pewter. That's why I got into Balenciaga because i saw a metallic First on a TV show and fell in love. I had no idea it wasn't available.
  15. As most of us I voted: Only if it is my Holy Grail Bag or Discontinued Color/Style !! :tup:
    I'd add. that the bag also should be in a good condition :rolleyes: