Balenciaga pictures

  1. Great pics!! Is that a vert gazon twiggy? And ivory hobo with silver GH? Like a lot!!
  2. Mmmmm thanks - what a sexy slideshow they make!
  3. LOve the pics. Thank you. I love the flat clutch in the first pic.:love::love:
  4. Wow, great pix!!!!
  5. Thanks for taking the trouble to take the pics and to share them with us...I never tire of seeing store spy pics!
  6. :yahoo: They're all so gorgeous and lonely!
  7. Love the pics! Thanks for so much for posting - didn't know that Saks had Balenciaga!
  8. I love seeing spy pics! Thanks for posting!
  9. [​IMG]
    I love the giant wristlet!!! Thanks for the pics
  10. Thanks for the pictures. It was a little bit of heaven for me. Yes, I noticed that twiggy too... looks like apple green at first glance but is probably vert gazon.
  11. Mmmm that twiggy (the green one) looks divine!!!!
  12. Thanks for the great pics. Is that a black twiggy next to the green twiggy or is that Anthra?
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I'm new to Balenciaga so, I don't know all the terminology. I haven't even purchased a B-Bag yet, but I in the store taking picture of Chanel and I saw these...well, I couldn't just pass those beauties up without being paparazzi for a second...LOL