Balenciaga pics galore!

  1. I can't put the code in here, so you have to click here to view it:

    This was just launched today, and you can use it for any search keyword. Personally, I just like seeing all the candy colors of the Balenciaga bags (whilst trying not to drool TOO much!)

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  6. Beverly, sorry to be such an ignorant, but could you tell me what the bag is called in the 8th photo from NM, the one in the middle? TIA:smile:
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  8. WOW Beverly :nuts: fantastic work - perfect site :yahoo: !! Thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love:
  9. Beverly, thanks for sharing your blog! I love reading all your entries and am slowly making my way through them. Fashion really is your passion! :balloon:
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  12. Beverly, I wish that I were as web-savvy as you... Thanks for sharing!
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