Balenciaga Party 2008!

  1. So, being that I am still utterly devastated that my older sister (she is 32 and this is wedding #3. Whatever makes her happy and I get a new pair of Manolos out of it) would not reschedule her wedding so that I could go to the Trunk show this weekend, I think that it is time to seriously plan several Balenciaga get togethers!

    This is just a suggestion, everyone put some thought into this, but I was thinking we could set a date in early 2008 for this. We could all meet on the same date, but have several meeting points. One on the East Coast, One on the West Coast and a European location.

    What does everyone think?
  2. yeeey!! i'm in..... just tell me when and where!
  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! I love the idea of multiple places at the same time...that's very cool.
  4. Maybe one for Canada too, it's sooo expensive to fly anywhere out of here! I'm thinking..hmm..I don't know...Toronto:graucho: ?
  5. Love the idea!
  6. I'm IN! I could have my weekender packed in about 15 minutes...LET'S GO!!!!

    :nuts: :yahoo:
  7. What a great idea Shasta! My vacation time is pretty much planned out for '07, but I would certainly be interested in something for 2008!
  8. Im in for the European location !:yahoo: and as i work for an international hotel chain, no matter where we meet i can get us special rates for rooms ! :graucho:
  9. So does this meen we meet in Hawaii to raid Aloha Rag?!?!?!?! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    I'm in~
  10. I'm so down to meet at Aloha Rag.

    Just tell me when/when and I'll be there.

    This is a neat idea, lets do some sort of evite or something. Maybe Shasta can be the ringleader, and whomever is interested can PM her (or whoever) their email address. This way we can do an evite.

    But first everyone has to settle on a date! Does any nut know what date the first Bbag came out?!

  11. Me too :smile: - Paris must be the place for us Europeans - so we can go :drool: in BalParis...
    Tickets are fairly cheap to go to Paris from both London and Copenhagen at least?

  12. Brilliant Idea! I would love to get together and incidentally am on the west coast.
  13. Let's party !! ..... east coast??
  14. Great idea, I am in, too! Sounds like a lot of fun.
  15. Great idea, Shasta!:heart: We also need one meeting in Australia!!:yes: