Balenciaga Part Time in Singapore

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  1. Hi!

    Does anyone knows if there is any Part Time in Mandarin available in the Balenciaga store at Singapore?

    I've been dying for that bag and I can't find it anymore in the boutiques! So I'm wondering whether Singapore still has one.......

  2. sorry no more.... 3 weeks ago still got first mandarin but last week i went to take a look at the fw colors, it was sold. when i bought my mandarin twiggy months ago, it was the last piece. SA told me came in only a few pieces.
  3. :sad:

    Oh well, I guess my only recourse now is to buy from online sellers........

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply!
  4. No worries. Reveal here once u snag one....GL:biggrin:
  5. Are you enquiring from S'pore?

    Try log in email them and ask whether they have any. I was there yesterday and saw there was a bag in mandarin but not sure what style it was. They do courier it to S'pore and the owner of the boutique said she has lots of customer from S'pore.

    I bought my Giant City in Mandarin in S'pore (Hilton) when it first came out, I think about 4 or 5 months ago.

    Good luck.....
  6. Can somebody please post, how much is the price for PT in sin?
  7. PT RH $2399
    PT GSH $2939

    City RH $2299
    City GSH $2699

    First $2199
  8. Thank You very much Dannkat
  9. ^^^ no worries:P