Balenciaga Part Time GGH

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    OK, I've been lusting after a Black Part Time GGH since 2007, and I've decided I'm definitely getting one ASAP (no buying other things in the interm :nogood: that puts me further away from getting one)! Looking at all the pics for them makes me drool. Any leads, please? Pre-loved is okay (but I prefer not to pay over retail for a used one). Is it impossible now to find one in stores? Should I give up? :sad: It's my dream bag. I feel so bad because I could have purchased one earlier, but I hadn't saved up enough and decided to be responsible and wait until I saved up the whole amount (meanwhile I stared at the pics on here a lot)...grrrr...I should have just put it on the cc. It looks like I can only look for an 07, since I only want a PT with feet, but that seems impossible now? I could kick myself. Any leads? THANK YOU!
  2. Good luck...theres a lot of ladies after this bag..including me!
    A few ladies have stumbled on them in Barneys or various balenciaga boutiques but you have to get lucky and really call everywhere.
    Good luck on your hunt! Def know what you mean about regretting not getting it earlier :P
  3. Thats my DREAM bag! But alas, it is proving impossible to find, my resolve is beginning to weaken now and i am starting to consider a black GGH city! HELP!
  4. Any leads? Thanks!
  5. I'm looking for one too and I've called about 10 different dept. stores throughtout the country today and yesterday and came across nothing.
  6. There are a couple of other threads on this, but apparently they are bringing it back in Bal stores sometime this year (some have heard February, but might be later). I know that the Bal NY store has a waiting list for it (I put my name on it a couple of weeks ago), so I'd call there and get your name on the list while you search for one elsewhere!
  7. Thanks! But I'm searching for a 2007 model since I like the feet!
  8. Oops! Sorry, I missed the end of your post. lol. There was one on ebay this past week. I think it sold for about $1700 or so though.
  9. Please don't buy it if you're just settling for it. I'm sure it'll come in time. I want one as well, but if I won't be able to find it now, i'll just look for the other HGs i want that are available. The worse thing that can happen is buyer's remorse and it's an expensive thing to have remorse on.:heart:
  10. Well, me too, I have an opportunity to buy a nice bag, but not my HG and it wasnt on my wish list! Wonder if I should do it? :confused1:
    I'm afraid that I'll buy it, will be out of money and one of my HGs will appear...
    At the same time I begin to be desperate to find an Amethiste Part-time with GH!:crybaby:
  11. Ladies...Lanatolia has just put one of her two 07 GGH black PT's on the evilbay! If should ring around the bbag boutiques...I have found one that way! They are still around you just have to search!
  12. I've been calling everywhere in the states, I wish I could call overseas o :o(
  13. FYI = I posted a GGH city and a GGH PT on FINDS today....
  14. Which one did you find one at if you dont mind me asking?
  15. My wonderful SA in Paris when on a hunt around Europe for me :biggrin: