Balenciaga Paris

  1. A colleague will be going to Paris at the end of the month, and I have convinced her to help me with a Balenciaga purchase! :yahoo:

    As such, can anyone confirm that the price of a Weekender is still 1175 euro? I'm looking to buy a Black WE, but was wondering what would be in stores right now? Bags from FW07? Or SS08?

    I've heard the best things about 07 leather, so I'm really hoping that she might be able to score one for me :love:

    Any help on what might be available in Paris would be fabulous too. TIA!!
  2. not too much help on price but there should be a mix of current season (SS08) and past season bags in the store. look for cecile, she's amazing!
  3. the weekender is still at 1175 euros, i suggest you call the printemps haussmann shop also, they've got some black weekenders left.
    +33 1 42825976
    hope you'll get the bag you want. :smile:
  4. Thanks for your advice ladies! I'm hoping SO bad that I'll get the perfect Black WE!!! Will def update!
  5. ohh i totally forgot: if your friend is a tourist the shop at printemps gives an additional 10% off. i didn't buy anything from there but eric was very helpful!
  6. OMGawd...

    So my colleague just went to the 10, avenue George V store, and they don't have any Black WEs!! They only apparently have a "brown" one in regular hardware (don't know which brown?) and only Black and a "pink" in GH.

    My colleague also mentions that the WE (regular HW) is 1040 euro. :confused1:

    I am thoroughly confused right now... *sigh*
  7. Okay... So a very kind friend from the UK called the Georges V store for me, and the lady he spoke to said that they definitely have Black WEs (regular HW) in the store, and also that the WE retails for 1175 euro.

    So I decided to call them myself to see if they could reserve a one for me so my colleague can just swing by to pick it up. The SA I spoke to also told me the same thing. That they have "a lot of" Black WEs, and that they were in regular HW.

    He didn't want to help me to select a bag though. Something about my colleague being a tourist, so she might just not come by to pick up the bag :s But he said to email my colleague to specify the kind of leather I want etc, and they will pick it out on the spot for her.

    I am completely baffled. What happened when my colleague went to the store? I had already typed out in detail, product description and price etc, and proceeded to attach examples of leathers that I want etc... But she got the earlier response.

    So I just emailed her again to let her know the update, and asked her if she would mind going down again to help me with the purchase. She leaves on Saturday, so I hope she finds a window in her schedule.

    My poor Black WE. So close yet so far... :crybaby:
  8. Nymph - Could you maybe pay in advance to reserve your bag, asking them to choose your specified kind of leather? Then your friend could just pick it up for you.

    Sorry to hear you're having such difficulties. Some SA's are really helpful and others just aren't at all.

    Hope you do end up with a fabulous WE in the end. Good luck!
  9. I would offer the store my CC details if it helped! But the SA I spoke to wasn't particularly helpful, and said he won't be of much help anyway, as tomorrow will be his day off *sigh*

    Thanks for your well wishes, Suku!
  10. wow..what a story..
    hope ull find the perfect one soon!
    im in search for a "non black" weekender, but haven't had any luck yet!
    If something doesnt work out though I seem to stumble over black we all the time..
    just today I saw a gorgeous smooshy one at Song in Vienna!
    So if u need help, just tell..

    and btw if anyone sees any blue, green,grey,violet WHATERVER wekkenders other than black and dark brown, in Europe!
    Pleeease let me know :biggrin:
  11. Nymph like pluiee mentioned ask to speak with Cecil or Charlotte... I am sure they will be more helpful than the male SAs in Bal Paris. I spoke to one of them last week and he was totally unhelpful.
  12. Ask for Nathalie or Cecile, they are EXCELLENT!
  13. The male SA there who answers the phone isnt the most helpful (not at all helpful) in my experience.
  14. ITA, he was VERY rude and nasty to me when i went in person. i'm a stickler for service and would NEVER buy something from a rude SA! i've worked with cecile who was helpful.

    nymph, to be honest, you might get better savings having it shipped to you. when you claim vat from the store you get 12-13% back but if you ship it outside, i think it's 17-19%? if you have a friend in HK, you can even save on customs..

    hmm they let me do phone orders so i'm not sure why they wouldn't just take your cc??

    good luck!
  15. Hi there,
    I purchased from Bal Paris quite a few times now and always work with Nathalie. She speaks English very well and picks out very nice bags. Just tell her what you want. She cannot hold the bag but she can ring it up. She will ask you to fill out a form and fax over with your credit card no. , authorizing the charge. For me, when it's all rung up, my husband can come to the store and pick it up anytime. Works out well. Good Luck.