Balenciaga owners - Leather Q

Dec 2, 2005
I bought a red City this past year, and I really want a Twiggy-style bag. But the leather seems less durable than I had thought. I've heard about the old styles having different leather, and I'm wondering if this is the reason.

For people who have the old or new bags, how do you feel about the leather change? Better or worse? Is it worth investing in another? Any advice would be super appreciated! Thanks!!! :amuse:
I have a twiggy from the A/W 2005 season and I just received an '04 twiggy that I purchased from someone. My first b-bag was a chocolate city (which I sold for the '04 bag). When I got the '04 bag, I was stunned at how different the leather felt from '05. I mean I had heard about the difference from other posters but actually feeling it... I really don't understand how the leather has changed so drastically. I complained to Bal-NY last week about it. I asked an SA why the difference in leather in a span of a year... initially she claimed it was probably because 2004 used different leather but hello, the authenticity cards had always said "chevre". She put me on hold for a minute to "double check" and came back and said actually they were the same leather but didn't provide an explanation for the difference.

In terms of durability, the 04 bag I've got is used but the wear is minimal. So in terms of the condition I got it in, it seems to have held up pretty well. On the other hand, my 2005 twiggy is a calcaire and it came with really really nice leather compared to some of the other colors. It isn't quite like the '04 leather but comes the closest. It has held up extremely well and hasn't gotten dirty as many fear and I've used it at least 10 times. I used the chocolate city quite a bit too when I had it and it held up very well.

I would definitely buy with caution. Over the weekend, I bought an ink city from NM and the leather was terrible... it was even thinner than the A/W '05 bags. I wasn't in a position to "pick and choose" a bag with a better leather because all their stock was divied up for others who already waitlisted for them. I returned it for a refund after toting it around for an hour while I did more shoping. Just make sure wherever you get your bag that they have a good return/exchange policy and make it clear to the SA your preference for leather. I've become ultra picky now that I know what 2004 leather feels and looks like. I really don't like the whitish veins and marbling and the thin-ness.

Phew! Sorry for being so long-winded! :shame:
I have 14 B-Bags, ranging in years (from early on to present).

Alas, as previously posted, the leather on the current bags doesn't get close to the ones from the prior seasons. The leather on the older bags was much softer, more distressed, not waxy and/or shiny. Can't say the same for the current leather ... it's not as such, has a waxy finish and it shiny. This seems to be more the case with the lighter color bags (Caramel, etc.) ... not as noticeable with the darker (e.g., Black) bags.

The reason ... I had heard that Balenciaga had changed leather manufacturers. A number of folks have complained about it, but it appears as though Balenciaga is sticking to their current manufacturer. It's probably because the current mfg is doing is for less money ... that's what its all about! Boo Hiss :sick: :sad: :Push:
Aww.. that really sucks, but I guess that just means I'll be asking everyone about B-bags when it comes time for me to get an older one !

And 14 ?! That's crazy ! I love it ! :nuts:
I just got my Ink City and agree that the leather is really thin but it seems smooth an supple. Does anyone have any experience with the newer leather cracking and peeling? It scared me more just looking at the photos of the bags and reading about the newer leather being thinner than the old but now that I've felt it it seems really strong- just delicate looking. I did order some of the Apple Gard spray though, I think I'll try and give it a little extra boost- just in case...
Thanks so much to everyone for the info!!! :amuse:

Murasaki - I'm with you on the "marbling"! I think it looks nice, but it makes me very wary that the bag won't last as long. I think I'll try to request a thicker bag if they let me, and hopefully that'll help... *fingers crossed*

Ceejay - 14? Can I say you are my B-bag idol? :lol: I didn't know this leather was cheaper to make than the others, that would explain a lot. Arrr, for a 1K+ bag, they should really think about their customers wishes rather than the bottom line :cry:
Yes, the new season Twiggy (at least my origan) has thinner feeling leather. I hear you have to feel each individually as they all differ; or really trust your SA to "hook you up".

Oh, and my Twiggy does not have the marbling/distressed look that appears as visible cracks in the bag. Although it is marbled (slightly) in appearance it is not crackled.
hmmm, i wish i had another B-Bag to compare mine to when i get it... but the SA at Balenciaga I spoke to yesterdays said that the leather was still good quality.... i guess i'll wait and see aye! :smile: