balenciaga overload! (is there such a thing?)

  1. i bought my first bag maybe three weeks ago. since then, i've been on the hunt for more. you people weren't kidding when you said they were addictive!

    so, without further ado, here is my collection, small as it may be.

    this is my new 06 emerald day

    another view

    my emerald day and my BRAND NEW (to me) 05 bubblegum day

    the comparison of the leather. i cannot believe the different between the two! the emerald, although soft, is incredibly plasticky and veiny, while the bubblegum is soft, smooshy and much much thicker. if i didn't know any better, i'd think these were two different brands!

    my entire collection: an 06 emerald day, an 05 bubblegum day and an 06 rouille work. even the difference between the rouille and the emerald is there; the rouille is much softer and less veiny than the emerald.

    another view

    my baby alone. i am deeply, deeply in love with this bag. when i got it, i wiped her down with baby wipes, and decided not to use her for now. at least not until the snow goes away. i want to get rid of the stiffness in the emerald and since it's dark, it won't show bad stuff nearly as much as the bubblegum. besides, i think the bubblegum is a spring color, not a winter.

    balenciaga = love. :heart:
  2. very nice! I really like the bubblegum. Congrats on your new bags!
  3. Yes! The whole BBag addiction is a real disease!! :yes:

    I bought my first bag January 16th....6 weeks later I have 4 handbags!!!

    I started out with 2 spring bright/bold colors and then realized I had 3 or 4 months of winter left so I needed to get winter colors...

    So I got a black which I love and then realized I wanted a brown which I also love. :heart:

    Now I am looking at new colors.

    My name is jewel and I'm a handbag addict....:wtf: but I'm lovin' every minute of it!!!! :jammin:
  4. OMG!! That Emerald is TDF!! Congrats on your growing family! :smile:
    The addiction is definitely real!! 8 weeks after my first purchase I'm at 4 bags, 2 boobies and 2 pods... I visit naff like 10 millions times a day and at night guess what I'm dreaming of? ;) I should also point out that when I bought my first bag I said that was it, I wasn't getting more... and then I discovered the Bbag rainbow!! The rest is history.
  5. Ditto for me, on all of your comments regarding acquiring Bbags like there's no tomorrow. :nuts: earth, I'd love to get a boobie, too, one of these days... :love:

    (I thought for an instant that the Balenciaga forum moved up to the first designer sub forum because of everyone's overload purchases and new collection colors!!!)
  7. Oh my god!!!! I'm totally with on this. I bought my first bag in mid January thinking: I'll just get one colored bag and that's all I'll need (because i have a few other neutral bags). Yeah right! Three bags and a coin purse later and I'm already eyeing up a forth!! Talk about loosing it! I do remember a member comparing it to a "love affair" that starts out heavy duty and eventually slows down. I sure hope so! My bank account can't take much more!:sweatdrop:

    Congrats on the bags! Really love the pink.
  8. Love your bags!!! Thanks for sharing pics!
  9. You just cant stop...!

    Even when you are a purse ban!

    I found a 'loop hole' in being on a 'Purse Ban', I figured that I wasnt allowed to buy purses as such, but ended up getting a Bal accessory... a lovely Coin Purse

    So now I'm on a Purse and Accessory Ban!
  10. Love the emerald day. I bought my fist bbag in the begining of feb(black city) and am ready for more.
  11. Wow, I can't belive how different the emerald and bubblegum pink is next to eachother. Thanks for the pics! There's no such thing as a Balenciaga overload, I don't think you can have to many ;)
  12. love the pink so cute. I think we girls cannot have enough handbags
  13. So lovely :love:
  14. bal overload? yes, there is such a thing. i've had bal overload, and i think i have it under control now. :p
  15. Yay, congrats to you, your bags are TDF! Love the Emerald!