Balenciaga Ovel

  1. Hello Girls, i'm new... My name is Lucia and I'm italian.. I have two b.bag ( Turquoise First spring 2005 and caramel twiggy pre-fall 2005) .
    I have seen in the ateliernaff new models and i like the oval , it seems bigger than the pochette and the make up.
    What do you think?

    Sorry for my english..:!!!!
  2. Sorry, the name is Balenciaga Oval:love:
  3. i like it too, the mini hobo looking one right?

    i think it could be the perfect going out bag in a metallic...
  4. Welcome! I like the Oval as well! Can't wait to see more of the new fall colors!
  5. I need a bag for the evening, and the oval seems the rigth model
  6. ^^^ I like the oval for night, and even the first!
  7. Do you now the price of the oval?
  8. I have no idea...