Balenciaga Oval?

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  1. Hi people,

    Could anyone let me know where to locate a Balenciaga oval clutch? I'd like to get one but don't even know where to begin.

  2. Have a look at the Bal Shopping subforum, maybe someone mentions it... If you can't find any in the US, I know that Bal Paris has some in pretty colors such as cornflower and emerald!
  3. Barneys has it in white and greige, I dont know which Barneys, call one and have them check others. Also, Niemens had them as well, I got mine in greige. Bal NY had them as well. Cracker helped me find my greige!
  4. Does anyone know what colors Bal NY has?
  5. moving to shopping :tup:

    please do a Search and you will find a few (IIRC there are two at NM in SF Union Square still, ask for Peggy) :yes:
  6. Yes. THank you. I'll give her a call.
  7. i called bal ny last week and they only had truffle left...
  8. I hope you find one! I have one in ink, and I use it ALL the time!
  9. anyone else seen an oval anywhere?
    i just called Barneys in seattle, and they were sure they didn't have any left, but he's checking...
  10. the only one left at barneys is white...
    it's on hold at barneys madison avenue, pm me if you want details...