Balenciaga outlet near Florence, Italy??

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  1. I recently read that Balenciaga now has an outlet store in "the mall" near florence italy. Has anyone been? I also read that someone got a bag for only 200 euros!

    I was there 2 summers ago and picked up a prada bag for 180euro but am sad they didnt have a balenciaga store when i was there!

    Thinking of going back! If anyone has been, I would love to know!
  2. I live in Italy and i never read about a Balenciaga outlet...
  3. its like 30 minutes outside florence.

    Its pretty much in the middle of nowhere but so great and such great prices. Prada and DG are near "the mall" like 20 away. I def reccommend going!!!!
  4. I've never gone to " The Mall" ...but now that i know that there is also a Balenciaga outlet i think i will go soon!!!!!
    They have also the motorcycle line?
  5. im not sure what bags they carry. That is why I started the post. I just found out last night that they opened up an outlet there and I read on someone blog that they bought a bag at the store for 200 euro. I am really curious to know what type of bags they carry and if they carry the motorcycle line.

    So if you go, please report back!
  6. did anyone else just think to check plane tickets?
  7. i dont get it.

    I am moving to london in 2 months and am planning on travelling around europe. i went to Italy last year but wouldnt mind going back
  8. mocean I'll check orbitz and travelocity right now, you start packing ! Just clean undies and your credit cards! Thats all you need! go girl! go!
  9. hehe..just to forwarn anyone who is thinking of going and taking the train, went my friend and i went and got off the train and NO ONE was at the station. Not even a worker, so we had to walk in the middle of nowhere and hitched a ride with an italian man who spoke no english but knew the word Gucci....hehe.....

    Probably not the safest thing for 2 23 year old girls to do...whoops! It was worth it though!
  10. I know the place, but last time I was there(about three four years ago) Balenciaga hadn't opened its boutique yet. I've been told that they carry everything but the motorcycle line. They usually sell the leftsover from the previous years. I'll be in Florence from tomorrow to a few days after new year's eve. I hope I'll manage to go there, and if I do I will keep you updated.
  11. I'm going to be in Florence in March for 10 days! If there are moto bags, I'm a goin' shoppin'!

    If anyone has been, please post more info...
  12. does anyone know if the croc moto bag will ever go on sale?
  13. I DID! :shocked: :P
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I am with you Mocean!

    I wouldn't even need a hotel room...arrive by plane in the am, go to THE MALL, on the plane back home in the pm. :sneaky:
  15. even if they don't have the motorcycle bags it's still worth a visit for discounted rtw... shoes :wtf: ..... and other little things..... :nuts:

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: