balenciaga outlet at woodbury

  1. sorry dont know if this is old news.

    but i was at woodbury outlets and the map said a balenciaga outlet was opening apr 2, 2009!

    hopefully they will have bags! :yahoo:
  2. woah! that is great news. where is woodbury outlets?
  3. wow! This is great!:yahoo:
  4. I am not expecting that there will be any moto bags available...It will be clothing and the handbags that are outside of the le dix persona. Still, I'll hope so, as I have friends in NY!
  5. I'm actually GLAD if its just clothing because I'd love to get my hands on a jacket. Even the shoes!!

    There's multiple sources already to get the bags for less $$ KWIM?

    Plus I don't know how well it would do for the brand name over time to have their moto's piled up on permanent sale at an outlet...?
  6. *bump* it open yet?

    has anyone shopped here yet?

  7. I was there in May and it's mainly clothing there. No moto bag.
  8. Nothing there at all
  9. wait...not a SINGLE bag in sight? not even wallets? :sad:
  10. Last time I went, there was just clothing and some of the Holiday bags. That was it. Don't think there was even wallets...I think I saw some coin purses. Really underwhelming. :shucks:
  11. that sucks!!!

    what was the discount???

    :sad: please say over 50%

  12. oh poo...I wish I looked around more! I walked in and just remember feeling very underwhelmed. I don't think I even saw shoes there when I went!

    Let's see...there was a pair of these weird, floofy space pants that were marked down 65%. I remember that because my friend and I were making fun of them :p. (Still selling for $300 though!)

    But when I went, the store looked rather bare, so maybe they've gotten more stuff? I went like 6 months ago.

    Wish I had better news...
  13. When I went the SAs told me they never receive any classic moto bags or classic wallets ever
  14. a complete lack of leather in a balenciaga store is appalling, man. :sad: oh well! thank you so much anyway everyone! i'll have to bump this thread up in a year or so to see if anything's changed... :smile: :biggrin: