Balenciaga- or should I get something else?

  1. :confused1:All of a sudden I have become obsessed with Balenciaga's though I hate to spend that much because I tire of bags somewhat quickly to justify that price...unless someone knows where I can find a decent used ones...anyways I am looking for some sort of tote/satchel in black, preferably patent or distressed...any recs?
  2. Can't think of any off hand, but I will look around for you.
  3. hi diann and welcome to the PF!

    if you haven't visited the Balenciaga sub-forum, go on in. There's a reference section with colors and styles (unfortunately Bal never made a motorcycle style bag in patent leater). There's also a shopping section and a place to post eBay auctions for other PFers to check for you for authentication purposes.

    Hope this helps!