Balenciaga or Mulberry?

  1. I know it's kind of weird to post this here. But I'm really debating between Oak Bayswater or Cinnamon City (don't have the luxury to buy both). :crybaby: I just had my first B bag, the blue twiggy and I love it so much.

    What would you vote for? Help decide. I'm quite a petite. Thanks! :smile:

  2. Do you even have to ask?

    Seriously? :rolleyes:
  3. which do you love more? Personally I love the city and dont know this other mulberry bag you're talking about so I'd vote city! Lol, but naturally we're allgoing to be biased :p
  4. if you're petite you might find the bayswater a bit heavy (unless you lift weights :biguns: :lol: ) so the city might be a better choice. the bayswater looks more like a work bag though, if that's what you're after.
  5. wrong forum to ask that question (hehehe)

    but - I just went to the mulberry forum to see what you're talking about - and they are two completely different bags. One - very structured - the other - leaning towards more casual. What do you want to use it for? If weight is an issue then the city for sure. I think the city may prove to be the more versatile of the two but, who's to say.... Good luck!
  6. Well I liked Mulberry before I ever considered Balenciaga and know that the Bayswater is a super bag and a real classic. I have a black Congo one.

    This is a hard question without knowing what you want to use the bag for.

    The Bayswater will be stronger than the City but a bit heavier. The Mulberry Oak leather will mark terribly easily at first, even if you spray it, but after a while it will age beautifully, gaining a unique character.

    I will irritate people but I think the Bayswater is classier if you want a long-term bag.
  7. i'd get the balenciaga.....i love the city's!
  8. The Bayswater is heavy but probably stronger and more durable than a city. I think if I were you I would go for the city as cinnamon is not a colour I really like bbags in, I like them in bright colours or black! And the oak bayswater is amazing!
  9. I love Darwin leather!!! The Bayswater bag is a real classic, very functional, and will last forever :yes:

    The City is equally amazing but very less durable (IMHO) and more prone to obvious wear signs.

    If you are hard on bags and need a work horse that will last, go for the Bayswater.

    If you are gentle with your bags and need something lightweight, go for the City :yes:

  10. I totally agree with these comments - l too love the the bayswater and the city but the leather on the city may not be so durable.:tup:
  11. Tough decision....The Bayswater is a gorgeous bag... but I'm a big fan of the Cinnamon colour
    I'd choose have to choose the Cinnamon City
  12. I am a Balenciaga girl through and through. I am trying to offer some objective opinion here...The Balenciaga leathers are much better than Mulberry. Balenciaga colours are more versatile, varied and interesting than Mulberry. I personally think Mulberry prices are too expensive.

    However, I do like the history behind the Mulberry label. I know they search far and wide for their leathers. Their workmanship is very detailed and their quality control is superb.

    I have been a little disappointed in the Balenciaga quality control over the last 12 months. Something has slipped...somewhere...Hmmm
  13. If you are looking for a lighter bag, I say the city. I find the mulberry bags to be heavy even without my stuff in them!
  14. Hmmm...tough question...
    Both bags have their own plus points...but if you're looking for a lightweight bag, definitely go with the City....
    I have a Bayswater, and it is heavy...
  15. I just bought a City and love love love it. I would definately go with the Cinnamon City.