Balenciaga or LV...?


Balenciaga or LV...?

  1. 2nd hand Balenciaga Cornflower Box

  2. Brand New Louis Vuitton Speedy 25

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  1. So i'm getting myself my first designer bag...!! :party:no more hand me downs from my mom(which means they usually get confiscated whenever she feels like it) or gift bags (which i'm usually in doubt of their authenticity). Anyways... i've been saving up... so it came down to this....!!! 2nd hand Balenciaga Cornflower Box or Brand New Louis Vuitton Speedy 25? :nuts: would like to see what opinions everyone has...! :flowers:
    will post pics! :yahoo:
  2. Balenciaga bags are gorgeous, but I'd get the brand new LV Speedy's a classic. You can always save for a brand new Balenciaga!:supacool:
  3. although.... the cornflower wouldn't be available soon and th lv speedy 25 would be around for me to get pretty much forever? :shrugs:
  4. What do you see yourself wearing more often?

  5. That's why I voted for the Balenciaga, cornflower. The Louis Speedy 25 will always be around so, you can save for that later.
  6. Balenciaga Cornflower Box
  7. unfortunately i've already asked myself that question many times :P they're both very versatile bags....
  8. I adore them both but if cornflower is really the color you want, I'd get that box NOW since bbag colors change every season and the price generally goes up on discontinued bbag colors. Save up for the will always be available.
  9. I think if it is your first designer bag it should be a new one. :yes:
  10. I'd get the cornflower because it's already hard to get this colour and the speedy will always be there so you can get this one later.
  11. Louis Vuitton for sure. But since it's a Speedy, I would say get the B Bag!
  12. i said speedy because it will be your first bag and its new..

    but like the others mentioned it will be harder to obtain the cornflower where as the speedy will always be there
  13. Lv
  14. If you really love the color, get the Balenciaga. It will become harder to get in the future where as the LV speedy will always be there. :flowers:
  15. LV!:yes: