Balenciaga or Gucci

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  1. which one should i go for white or green balenciaga or a cream gucci horsebit?????
    i think the leather on the gucci might be easier to take care of and the style may be more classic. i really want a balenciaga cause its cute but i see so many little girls with knock offs?? i don't really care but which one would you get??
    greenbbag.jpg whitebbag.jpg gucciwhite.jpg
  2. White Balenceaga!! All the way. Im placing my order for one today!!
  3. White Balenceaga with no doubt at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  4. I have that gucci, but in monogram with the ivory leather straps. When i got it, i was debating between that and a, im still getting a balenciaga. Honestly, they are just two very different bags. Gucci looks more classy, but the b bag is just more trendy.
  5. balenciaga!
  6. Balenciaga
  7. Balenciaga, but I like the green one.
  8. Balenciaga :biggrin:
  9. any reason why the balenciaga over the gucci? just the style?
  10. why balencaiga, because i think they do great colours! and the bags are leather! and they're a fun bag! you can dress it up or dress it down :biggrin:
  11. I love the balencaiga , its so fab....::lust:: but me I am a gucci fiend ... i just got the new cruise tote and I adore it , the leather is very soft and managable , it also is very easy to clean. how about both ? ...:amuse:
  12. I might end up getting both but i can get almost 2 balenciagas for the price of the 1 gucci so trying to make a wise decision.hhhhmmmmmmm...............
  13. White Balenciaga, no question! Gorgeous bag :love:
  14. do you girls think these two bags are too alike?? i have the one with the brown strap already.
    maybe this will help me decide between balenciaga or gucci.
    guccimono.jpg gucciwhite.jpg
  15. Balenciaga!