Balenciaga or goyard?

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  1. im torn between balenciaga day or goyard fidji. which is more classy? suggestion please ;)
  2. Hi J1oc, i thinkn balenciaga is more valuable. At least i personally feel that the brand positioning is higher than goyard. Balenciaga is classic, goyard is chic. I am considering a balenciaga giant pom pom too! :smile:
  3. balenciaga :love:
  4. DEFINITELY balenciaga :yahoo:
  5. u are asking a bal forum...I dun think we will say otherwise. really depends on your aesthetic...if you like pattterns/monograms or just plain, simple classy minimal branding bag.....but I felt for your buck, Bal offers more's soft lambskin bag with great hardware, quite a workhorse, versatile and lightweight
  6. ^^^ Agree with neilx3 on all counts :smile1
  7. balenciaga! i dont like monogrammed stuff
  8. It's true, we are a bit biased here :lol:
    So, Balenciaga all the way!!!!!!!
  9. Balenciaga!
  10. Balenciaga! It's better to touch lambskin than coated canvas.
  11. I too love Goyard but Bal all the way :yahoo:
  12. Not gonna pick a side here cuz' I love both equally but just want to point out that fidji is being discontinued if that makes any difference. That's all I'm going to say.
  13. #13 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    I choose Balenciaga. I'm not a huge fan of logo bags...

    ETA: But I should also add that a Balenciaga Day would be very casual compared to the Goyard Fidji. So if you're thinking of wearing it dressed up, I'd go with the Fidji.
  14. I am not a fan of the fidji, so def Bal.
  15. Not of the fan of the Fidgi as well.. however.. they're going to be discontinued if you really wanted to get it.

    I'd get both... lol. Not much help.. :biggrin: