Balenciaga or Fendi Spy??

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  1. I need help in deciding which to get. I will have enough money to get the spy in cognac next Friday. But this crush that I have on the Balenciaga bag is getting hotter by the day. Should I just get the spy and just save up for the B-Bag later or should I get two B-bags (small and city)? HELPPP!!!

    Is the spy a better purchase? Is it comfortable ont the shoulder? I actually went into the B-Store tonight and the B-Bag is practically weightless.
  2. When you say practically weightless, do you mean that as a good thing? I haven't inspected a Balenciaga in person yet. Are they well made bags? They look gorgeous to me, but do they seem worth the price to you?
  3. Balenciaga is very hot right now, but I think Fendi Spy is better. To me I think it has a very creative/innovative design to it. Again it's just me I think it's new design is well worth the money.
  4. I have the Spy and I love it and because I love it sooo much I am thinking of getting another one. I can carry my spy on my shoulder comfortably or, carry it like a satchel or carry it on your arm. The spy is so light too in weight! and the leather is so gorgeous. I love the way it look on me and the way the Spy make me feel:love: :love: :love: . I don't have the Balenciaga yet but thinking of getting one ..I have a few other bags on my list!! Really bad but I think getting another the spy is my first priority.

    One thing I think about the Spy bag is I can dress it up and down where the Balenciaga is a little bit more casual imo. So it's really depends what you are lookin for. Good luck and let us know what you decide:lol: .
  5. i say get the spy! and save up for a b-bag...or two!:idea:
  6. I am biased I will have 3 spy bags and 1 hobo spy by the end of the summer! I was so over my spy until I tried on a bunch of clothes today for an upcoming vacation. The spy just added that little bit of a richer look than my other choices. The Balenciaga is gorgeous but more utilitarian of a look. More city. The spy is a little bit more versitile and sophisticated for a more dressed up look.
  7. Yes its a very good thing. Especially when you get all your stuff inside of it. It won't be so much on your shoulders
  8. Thanks so much guys. The spy wins!!!! And your guys are right overall about how more versitile the spy is. I will get the spy and then save up for the city... :smile: You guys are great.!!!
  10. I'd say get the Balenciaga. I have a City and a Twiggy and they're my favorite bags!!! They come in grrrrrreat colors too!!
  11. I vote for Balenciaga too...they've been really hot for a few years now, and as InStyle put it recently, it's now considered a "classic" bag to own. The Spy is lovely too ;) .