balenciaga or dolce bag?


Doce gabbana red purse or Balenciaga Fire engine red?

  1. Dolce Gabanna

  2. Balenciaga

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I need your opinion on which bag i should get :P

    I really like these two... but my wallet will not let me get two of them.

    So any opinion will be appreciated. :yes:

    Let me know what you think :heart:
    5.jpg 9.jpg
  2. c'mon your on the balenciaga subforum!!! chose the bbag because i feel the shape is a bit more classic, functional and the color is amazing. plus the resale value will hold better than the dolce if you ever decide to sell for another bbag :graucho:.
  3. ha ha ha... I guess i should put this in general thread.. instead of balenciaga thread :biggrin:
  4. would you like me to move it?

    (i voted for balenciaga ;))
  5. girl!!! u're so wrong by putting in b-bag forum... we're a DIE HARD B-BAGS fans here...
    so, must vote for balenciaga :P
  6. ^^ I'll appreciate it if the mod can move this thread to general handbag forum. :biggrin:
  7. no problem superbaby - i moved it for you! ;)
  8. thank you
  9. Hello! I guess I just don't care for the coin purse thingie on the side of the Dolce. Balenciaga all the way!
  10. I say Balenciaga! :yes:
  11. I prefer the Dolce & Gabbana because it's more unique.
  12. thats what i thought too, sonya !

    I have 3 b bags already.. and its basically the same style..

    AAA.... i am really torn :sad:
  13. BBag all the way!
  14. Balenciaga!!!! Plus, that color is gorgeous!:heart:
  15. I voted balenciaga but that was before I read that you already have 3 and feel this would be just like the ones that you already own. Maybe you should try the Dolce bag for variety if the b-bag does not excite you! They are both fabulous bags, you cannot go wrong either way.