Balenciaga or dare I say.. Chanel?

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  1. Since I work at a lovely high-end retailer, I get amazing incentives :biggrin:.
    One, that being I no longer need to pay retail price for my handbags.

    So, since I already have a Balenciaga..
    Should I move up to Chanel Black Caviar Jumbo SHW
    Or purchase my old flame that I have been lusting since forever! Black City CGH.

    However, I've been seeing that the covered hardware eventually rubs.
    Even though they offer replacements on the GCH, I feel like that's such a hassle for such an OCD person like myself!

    On top of that, I might as well purchase the Chanel now before they increase the price yet again in November. (My DSA informed me this!)

    Any imputs ladies?
  2. Please go for it... it will be nice to have variety of designer handbags. Best of all... you will get some good incentives... :tup:
  3. this is a hard one!! I am really loving balenciagas at the moment and maybe because theres hardly any in Sydney! haha but I think I would get the jumbo! I really want a big variety like tonkamama said but if your still stuck go with the one u think about more, then if its both then ask yourself which one you would get more use of for the season your in! i hope ive help and not made it harder but good luck and post pics when u have it! xx
  4. I actually own both and I got them on the same shopping trip! I love both equally. I'd suggest getting the Chanel first though because of the price increases.
  5. Get the Chanel first...!! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats for your incentives! In that case it's better to go for Chanel 1st, it's difficult to keep up with the insane price increase.
  7. I would choose Chanel jumbo over GCH City.
  8. def chanel
  9. I'm impressed with all the votes in this Balenciaga sub forum for a bag other than Balenciaga. Way to go girls. Really.
    I agree that the covered H would be a problem. Go for the Chanel.
  10. go for Chanel before the price increases, it's always nice to have a versatile handbag collection :smile:
  11. Chanel before the increase!
  12. i'd do the chanel now, before the increase. then go for the bal later.
  13. I'd say go for the Chanel too. The covered hardware really is too much of a hassle. Too much to pay for something so delicate. However, I've noticed that the quality of Chanels seem to be going down too.
  14. Jumbo!! I love my Chanel to pieces. It would be a good investment before the price increase.
  15. Would definitely go with the Chanel - for a couple of reasons:

    • CGH - problematic (as you mentioned)
    • $$$ - if you can get a discount on a Chanel bag, that's a no-brainer .. you can always save up faster for a CGH if you still really want it
    • Resale value - let's face it, Balenciaga has been taking a beating on the resale market; Chanel holds it value better
    • Uptown vs Downtown - while I don't necessarily subscribe to this, IMO .. a Chanel Jumbo does have a little more versatility (e.g., you could wear it if attending a fancy event)