balenciaga or damier speedy or chanel?

  1. i dont know why.. but i've been itchy to spend money. :cry: it's not good for the wallet... and i don't have much... but i... must... spend!!!! :biggrin:

    so i think i want a balenciaga city or a damier speedy 30 or something from chanel... i want a hand held. any suggestions? help? thanks!!!
  2. I would go for a Balenciaga. I just love them and they are very versatile depending on the colour.
  3. If you find a B-bag color that's perfect for your wardrobe, I'd suggest the B-bag.

    If you want a bag that's relatively "common" go for the Speedy, assuming you're ok with the "sag" factor.

    If you can find a "classic" Chanel that's hand-held, that might be the best way to go for a long-term investment. But Chanel's can be kinda pricey... There's some really pretty hand-held bowler bags out right now like the luxury line bowler and the deerskin bowler...
  4. I say go for the damier speedy
  5. Balenciaga City
  6. i love Balenciaga bags... so i'm going to say: Get a B-Bag!!! you can chose from all different styles and beautiful colours!!!
  7. i like my balenciaga right now, so I am biased towards that.. heheh.. show pics of whatever you choose to buy... enjoy your shopping..
  8. bbag def. I'm loving my cognac purse. I've been carrying it for two weeks now. Bal is def. the best everyday purse IMO.
  9. i'm not a big fan of the damier speedy, so i'd say go for a B-bag or a chanel bowler!!!:love::love:
  10. I'd go for a Chanel.
  11. Balenciaga!!!
  12. thanks for your replies!! i found the perfect color bbag. it's like a rustic orange which is fun and works with my wardrobe because i wear a lot of neutrals... but the problem is, i think of bbags as trendy/it bags and wont last me very long. i know a lot of people on this board think otherwise... but i just cant get it out of my head. :sad: i cant spend 1200 right now on a bag that wont last me very long. but i'm so in love with the color. :love:
  13. I say go for it for 2 reasons:

    First, b-bags have been around and have a very loyal cult-like following. They are not going anywhere, at least not for a long while.

    Second, if you get tired of it, or think the "trend" is on its way out, you can always sell an authentic b-bag because of the very loyal cult-like following it has.

    So if it is a bag that you LOVE, and will enjoy wearing, then go for it.

    Otherwise, you can always get an LV or Chanel.
  14. Balenciaga City all the way!

    I agree with jag, balenciaga motorcycle bags has been around for years now, and it's still not going anywhere. If you one day find that you fell out of love with it, it seems like the resell price of City bags are still around retail if it's in good condition (some rare colors go way above retail!). If you LOVE it, go get it! And the color won't return next season so it'll only get harder to find the one you love...
  15. Is this the color you are talking about ???
    If so get it...I just got mine today and LOVE IT..
    like all the other girls said if and when you get tired of it resell it and you can get more then you paid for it or if you take a loss of 100-300 you got your use out of it...KWIM