Balenciaga or Celine


May 11, 2009
i'd prefer least u can wear it everyday or party (chic mode ;) ) but which cel u are having your eye on?


Aug 3, 2007
Dallas, Texas
Apples & oranges....both so different but both fabulous! I have both and love both! :love: Did I just use the word "both" 4 times in this short post?? :shame: Well BOTH are amazing! :woot: Let us know what you get!


Feb 7, 2011
Totally agree with the ladies above ^^^ I also have both, and love them for different occasions/outfits - I usually carry my Bals when dressed casually (or sometimes for work when I feel like I need a pick-me-up, as I tend to feel happy just seeing it sit on my desk in its puddle of smooshy goodness...I will literally just stare at it for intervals of 10 seconds at a time - ha i know, weird :P), and i LOVE my Celine Phantom Luggage for work - it's so beautifully sophisticated and work appropriate!

I think both are unique and classic in their own way - definitely depends on your personal preference! However, if I had to choose (and this is if I ABSOLUTELY had to), I would probably say that Bals have a little more character for me - but that's just me, personally! I suggest you look through some modelling pics and try to assess which would work best for you - both practically and in terms of your personal style :smile: could just get both :woohoo::giggles::blush:


IG minnie0104
Aug 4, 2006
Both are gorgeous. Bal is very everyday bag. You can carry anytime,whenever you want. Celineis little more dressy, I am talking about luggage style. And it's handheld. I think every purse addict should get one celine and one bbag. Sorry I am no help.


Jul 20, 2008
I also have both & love both. You should get both, just 1 at a time, because they're so different yet so beautiful & Classic. I'm also referring to the Luggage & I'm adding another Micro soon.


Apr 26, 2008
I have been collecting Balenciaga so long time but now really love both Celine and Balenciaga equaly. I have some Luggage(s) , trio shoulder , some Cabas(es) and a Cabas shoulder . I really like Celine bags because they are so practical , classic and feel that something so fresh and adore the clean look which is so updated .
I love every style of my Celine collection in different way, Cabas has slouchy leather and very stylish , comfy and has light weight. And I found that Cabas sholder is very similar to My Balenciaga Flat brass hobo, it is very very practical. Luggage is very well made bag, I must say it is very strong bag that can contain tons of stuff even in Micro size and the most of all, I really like the openning of this style, super practical and yet classical.
IMO Balenciaga has more character than Celine. Balenciaga is more like boho chic in sophisticated way and Celine is more like modern and actually goes with any wardrobe from jeans to office clothes so I prefer to take Celine to work rather than Balenciaga.

Then again, I can not pick one...because both Balenciaga and Celine have fabulous design!
May 15, 2009
Washington DC
I started buying Bal a little over a year ago and have 5 now, I got a Celine Luggage a few months ago and I love it to death. BUT, I don't really see myself buying multiple Celine Luggage bags (well... you never know... maybe one more!), but I will definitely continue to buy multiple Bal Cities, etc.

Like others, I regularly use the Celine bag for work related "professional" things, but I use my Bal bags on an every-day basis for basically everything else. I'm very happy to have both brands in my collection and I would absolutely recommend getting one of something you love from each brand.

If someone told me I could only keep two bags from my collection, I would probably keep my Anthracite Celine Luggage and my Anthracite Bal SGH Part Time.

I posted some comparison pics here a few months ago, hope this helps!


May 6, 2011
Santa Clara
thank you ladies for your replies and your helps :biggrin:

i have my eyes on celine luggage and maybe phanthom. Actually, I already have a bbag and I left it in my hometown since I am studying abroad now. :smile: It is really confusing to think about it :biggrin: :biggrin:


Aug 12, 2010
New York
I have a few Bbags and one celine phantom. I do prefer Balenciaga over Celine though because the leather on my phantom is too delicate foro everyday use. I just can't stand scratchmarks all over my bag. I heard that the new drummed leather is more durable, but I'm not planning to get any more Celine in the near future. The bag looks too structured on me and I personally prefer something more relaxed.


A BAL-enced Life!
Dec 6, 2005
A Yank in SoCAL
I've been a very long-time collector of Balenciaga, but succumbed to the Celine Envelope Tote because .. well, it was GORGEOUS!! However, I'm so used to the lightweight Bal leather that carrying the Celine Tote (Mini) was killing my arm (since I couldn't carry it on the shoulder).

I do love the Celine designs, but alas .. the weight of the leather is a total killer for me. I keep on looking at the Phantom, but heck - given more space, I would likely fill up that sucker and be even worse for the wear. So, I'm going to stick to my Bals at this point ..



Apr 18, 2006
Balenciaga bags are definitely more casual, since they slouch. the rigidness of the Celine bags make them more elegant imo.