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Nov 9, 2010
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I posted a poll to decide between Bleu cobalt or cyclamen but now I have fallen for Celine & I don't own a Celine bag but own 2 Bals but the only thing that puts me off of the Celine it is leather & suede but the colour is amazing in a bright cobalt blue, so please give me your opinions as I need to decide ASAP on the Celine as the only have a couple left & sell out fast. TIA
May 1, 2009
I remeber 2shai said she has seen a lady carried an *old* celine luggage, the leather looks not as good as *old* b bags. I like celine luggage but you know in China, the fake bags are very popular. I have seen fake b bags many times in my city, and I believe the leather of b bags might be harder to be copied than celine.

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May 28, 2009
^ Ditto what ruirui said. Celine Luggage is the most popular bag to be counterfeited and i can't really see the difference between the fake and real deal... But for bbags, i can immediately spot a fake because of the shiny and plasticy leather.

But then it depends on what you want the bag's purpose to be. I think Celine luggage is a good choice for a working enviroment due to it's structured body but if it's for hanging out with friends, bal will be a better choice.

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Nov 9, 2010
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my vote is to get a celine since you already have 2 balenciaga bags

btw noticed you posted the same question in the celine forum , and of course here the majority votes for balenciaga ,and there for celine ! you only know the answer ...;)
Yes I am very confused & if the Celine was all leather I wouldn't even ask this question but the suede on it worry's me, I have found a Velo & work in cyclamen with GSHW so now I am even more confused, wish I could have them all :sad:


Jul 20, 2008
I love both, but since you already have 2 Bals & the Celine Luggage esp in this color is so hard to come by, I say get the Celine now & Bal later. Cobalt is stunning, I can swear by it:graucho:


Jan 21, 2012
Tough call.. Both are very nice bags.. But I'm loving the Celine luggage bag right now... So my vote goes for Celine !!!! :smile: :P


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Oct 14, 2007
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I have Celines and Balenciagas... they are totally different bags. Form leather, to structure, to color. The Celine Mini Luggage is a structured bag as opposed to the yummy smooshiness of a Balenciaga. If you do not own a Celine and have been lucky enough to find one in your desired colorway, I would say grab it.. they are so hard to come by and worse case, and as with Balenciaga, hold their value should you choose down the line to sell her.


Jan 22, 2006
I'd pick the Celine. I believe if you are able to maintain and be more careful with Cobalt Suede Celine Mini Luggage, no worries. It's a beautiful combo and as mentioned, either you get her now, or, you'd regret. It's not easy for this to come by again. Plus, you still have your Bals for maybe a lil' rough use. Buying this piece of Celine does not mean it'd stop your Bal love.

Diversity is sometimes nice in a collection:smile:


Jun 27, 2009
That suede is killing me!!! I'm way too much of a klutz to trust myself with suede! Imagine someone bumps into you while holding a drink... :o I would die