Balenciaga or Azur Speedy?

  1. Hey all! Pretty new here. I have the Louis Vuitton Speedy in Azur but now I'm having second thoughts...I think I'd rather have the White Balenciaga. It just seems like I could use it more since it is a solid color vs the checkered pattern on the speedy. Plus, the price just seems a bit ridiculous for canvas when I could get good quality leather. Help me!
  2. Azur* ;)
    I'm having the same debate. I don't know which one to buy myself. I love LV, and I love Balenciaga (have had both black and ivory, sold both) :/
    Plus I already have the regular damier speedy 30 (the brown one)
  3. Tough place your in. I absolutely love LV and the speedy you have is gorgeous. It seems like are really not into the LV speedy, so go with Balenciaga, which is also a great bag. Although if you go with Balenciaga be prepared to pay at least $1,000.
  4. Gosh I can only give one answer since I think the most beautiful Baleciaga bag is a white City bag. :love: They're all pretty but a white City :heart:
  5. i have to say a balenciaga!!
  6. definitely balenciaga.
    i would think that down the road you'll get sick of the Azur..but a bbag is it's just a white bag with AMAZING could you go wrong ?
  7. I love LV and Balenciaga. I also have the Azur Speedy, which I love. If there isn't room in your budget for both bags, however, I would probably go w/the Balenciaga in white. It is a great look and more versatile than the Azur. :yes:
  8. balenciaga!
  9. balenciaga for sure!
  10. I don't love the azur line at all... white Balenciaga's are breathtaking :yes:
  11. Balenciaga!
  12. Balenciaga
  13. i have the azur speedy 30 and i love mine. i personally think it's a very versatile bag... but if you are having seconds thoughts, definitely get something you love! balenciagas are stunning in white!
  14. White Balenciaga for sure... very classy IMO
  15. B-Bag~~~~~~~~~~!