Balenciaga online shopping-Europe

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  1. Hi to all!!

    I have to admit that lately I really want a balenciaga bag!!!
    I have done a little research, and the truth is that there are so many styles and colours that I like, and I'm confused!!
    But I believe I wiil resolve this one :biggrin:

    My problem is, that living in Greece, I would prefer to buy from a european online shop, or from a seller at ebay who is from Europe, beacuse the custom fees I will probably pay are going to be extremely high (that does not mean that if I find a nice bag at a reasonable price from US I will not buy it)!
    Searching the forum, I have seen several online shops that sell authentic balenciaga bags, but unfortunately the majority is american, and regarding others (in Europe), I haven't found anything that I like...

    I really like the Part Time... or the Twiggy! I have found a twiggy at ebay uk but unfortunately the listing has ended...

    Could you please propose me online stores that have balenciaga bags at this time?
    Or apart from ebay, where else can I look?
    Does Bonanza have only bags from US?

    Thank you for reading!
  2. Hi pursete!
    Thanks for your answer!
    Unfortunately this link does not work...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.