Balenciaga on Rakuten - Great Pics!

  1. Wow! Sorry, not sure if this has been posted recently. I love their pictures (and I got their last grey compagnon!). They've loads of bags on sale.

  2. They do have nice pics! Thanks for posting!
  3. wow, that's so cool Cal, thanks sooooooo much for the link :yes:
  4. This is such a nice website!!
    glad that the brand names are written in English.
    Thanks for sharing! :flowers:
  5. yea thanks for sharing! But I can't figure out how to order (anyone fluent in japanese)? The ink hobo is under $800 U.S. not bad...
  6. lol, that's so funny, i was thinking the same thing didi-girl :lol:
  7. uuuuuughh they have all the grey bags i want...i dont know how to order...can u order from the us?
  8. some of the b-bags have a hot pink sentence written underneath it...does that mean it's sold out or limited in quantity????
  9. The bright pink sentence says "reduced for a short time only" and the red one says "sold out".
  10. Thankfully my SIL lives in Osaka so she ordered the campagnon for me. It was free shipping to her and she's sent it on to me - hoping I don't get charged customs!
  11. Oooh congrats Cal! It's good they have free shipping!
  12. Hmm... if only I knew Japanese! Just seems a little too complicated/confusing for me to figure out:P
  13. Great pictures, but they also sell fakes, so are the real looking ones real??

    See this link:

    Unless I am absolutely wrong and it is a bag left over from a previous season, but I have never seen a satin Balenciaga before. It also says FAKE in English with the picture.

    What do you ladies think??

    I wish you well,

  14. Oh, so there were Satins in 2005, but with bright gold hardware. I don't think that is gold hardware, and of course, no clear pictures of the bales : )

    I wish you well,

  15. Yeah, they're authentic. It's a shame that the tags read "FAKEG" - You'd think Bal would have thought of this!