Balenciaga on Mytheresa

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  1. Hi
    Does anyone here ever purchase Balenciaga on Mytheresa?
    Any review?
    Planning to get my first Bal Bag from that website
    Thanks :smile:
  2. Yes I have purchased a cumin velo and wallet in 2 separate purchases. Beautifully wrapped and timely post. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase again. How exciting for you!
  3. Thats great :yahoo: Thank you !!!
    Ive placed my order on saturday
    waiting for them to ship it hopefully today
    cant wait :cloud9:
  4. Yes I've bought from My Theresa before - a fabulous e-tailer and definitely one to totally trust. They're great! :biggrin:
    Congrats on your new purchase too!
  5. saw your list of bal bag
    you have it in rose poudre?
    can you share pic pls
    i was contemplating between this and rouge cherise:shame:
  6. Hi there!
    I'd love to but unfortunately I sold it.
    I must update my signature. It's such a lovely picture - I'll see if I can find one and upload it so you can see the colour.
    Happy Monday!
    :smile: x
  7. ohhh auww
    why did you sell it? :sad:
    is the color too light ? easy to get dirty and color transfer?
    by the way, if you don mind me asking
    is the items that we get from mytheresa differs from the one purchase at boutique?
    i mean from mytheresa the bag will come with dustbag? right?
    does it come with balenciaga box ?
    sorry just wondering :shame:
  8. #8 Mar 29, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2016
    Re My theresa they are a very well known and highly respected e-tailer here in Europe so I would expect them to arrive as I would expect one from Net a Porter or They are in their league so you will get dustbag, cards, leather swatch etc.

    Re the pink poudre - I just realised that I loved it sooo much I was never going to use it as I was always worried about colour transfer - I'm really particular about that. As you can see I prefer to go for darker colours.
    That said I'm looking for a gris pouvre (?) City or Velo with Classic RH. That's my HG Bal bag right now.
    If I can dig out the pics I'll post them here. :smile: x
  9. Hi - i've managed to dig out some of the photo's - she really was a true beauty - BNWT and never carried!
    It was a crying shame to sell her but I needed to in order to fund my next purchase. ;)

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  10. Congrats on your Bal purchase :smile: please do post pics when its arrives :smile:
  11. OH MY GOD!!
    Shes super beautiful😨

    Now i really want this color but ive ordered the other one

    I really hope they will still have this color by the end of the year😓Im loving it already❤️

  12. Thank you so much
    Cant wait to receive my balenciaga
    This is actually my third purchase from mytheresa
    The first time i bought a SF bag
    Second purchase were valentino flats n kenzo espadrilles. But im not sure why for kenzo i did not receive the dust bag this time, it only comes with a box. Coz ive purchased before the same espadrilles in diff color at the boutique and it definitely came with a dust bag. I emailed them asking about the dust bag but they said theres none
    Hopefully for this bag i will receive the complete set🙏🏻😊

  13. Auwww thank you so muchh
    Im super excited
    Will definitely post a reveal☺️☺️☺️