Balenciaga on Martha Stewart Today!

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  1. Anyone see the Balenciaga Weekender bag on Martha today? It was her "handbag" show and she had people bring in their favorite handbags. Anyway, her daughter's friend, Jennifer Kopplement Hutt brought in a gorgeous black Balenciaga Weekender bag and was talking about how much she LOVED the bag. Just thought I'd share! lol
  2. maybe i can view the clip online or something. id have to check that out. thanks for sharing!
  3. ^I have to say that I've just looked at the photos of the "investment handbags" on this website and I don't like any of them. I think in terms of these bags "investment" is just a kind way of saying "expensive". I don't think any of them would actually be investments in that they won't increase in value over years.

    I couldn't see anything on the Balenciaga though.
  4. saw the episode.......loved it!!!!! the black weekender...i laughed when Jennifer and Alexis started showing all the thngs that they carry in the bags.......plunking the stuff down on the counter.....:roflmfao: especially when Jennfer said I love my children and husband but I LOOOOVVVVEEEE my bag!!!!

    great taste!!!!!
  5. Oh, I missed that, but I wish I would have seen it! I love seeing Bbags on TV!
  6. I really like that Nicole Farhi, thanks for including the link, wish I could have seen the show.
  7. Oh man, i'm bummed I missed this.