Balenciaga On Ebay! Please Help Me!!!

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  1. there is an auction for this balenciaga on eBay. i contacted the seller and she is willing to sell me the purse for an amount (more than $500 but less than $1000) and she is saying that the purse is authentic and that it's only been used 3 times. she is guaranteeing the authenticity, full money back refund but i would rather NOT deal with a fake, as i have been burned on eBay before and getting your money back is a pain. can you guys PLEASE authenticate this for me???? i need your opinions ASAP since she has already sent me an invoice through paypal. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! :cry:

    heres a link to the auction:
  2. it appears real, but keep in mind, this color wil yellow quickly
  3. ive wanted this color FOREVER, i just need to be sure it's authentic! thanks very much for your input... any other inputs would be highly appreciated!!!
  4. Ummmmmmm.... no, that bag is fake. 100%.
  5. you know I have a sick feeling its fake, the silver plate looks stamped
  6. sorry darling but it is a pretty bad fake.
  7. It's a fake for sure, the leather is wrong for sure. also the numbers are wrong
  8. Definitely fake.
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