Balenciaga On Ebay! Please Help Me!!!

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  1. there is an auction for this balenciaga on eBay. i contacted the seller and she is willing to sell me the purse for an amount (more than $500 but less than $1000) and she is saying that the purse is authentic and that it's only been used 3 times. she is guaranteeing the authenticity, full money back refund but i would rather NOT deal with a fake, as i have been burned on eBay before and getting your money back is a pain. can you guys PLEASE authenticate this for me???? i need your opinions ASAP since she has already sent me an invoice through paypal. I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT! :cry:

    heres a link to the auction:
  2. Post this on the Balenciaga subforum in the "authenticate this Balenciaga" thread and people will offer their best opinion.
  3. I would personally not do this as I have just checked the link on your auction and the eBay page is saying that this item has been removed!!!!

    You might want to check again.
  4. I agree don't do it. If you do purchase from any seller do it the right way through an auction. Any problems down the road you can take the right steps and get your money back.

  5. Ebay has pulled the listing, whether rightly or not (since ebay has a tendency to pull auctions that sell authentic items and leave the fake ones running), either way do NOT transact with the seller. It'll leave you with very little protection
  6. ^^ITA. And although it's disappointing when you're interested in an item and it doesn't work out, in my experience, another one will come along.
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